Morrison race

Does anyone know if the Morrison race is a Hare Scramble or an Enduro??

Enduro - Check out the info on

Not a bad enduro to ride hopefully it won't be extremely cold as it normally has a few field crossings.

And you always see a few "smokers' along the side

that didn't richen their jetting up and pay the consequences....


I believe that their is a Morrison OMA series race coming up on Oct. 30th and 31st. I don't know if you have to be a member or not.


The OMA race is "gusse's" series and the Morriosn Enduro is put on by the "brushpoppers" M/C club a AMA club.

Yes, you have to be a member to race the OMA series but you can buy a one day pass if you are not going to run the whole series. And naturally you have to be a AMA member

for the Brushpoppers enduro.

And no the two do not get along .......


Weaponmasta, how does the Morrison race compare to the fremont race?

No where near as many stutter bumps at Morrison .....

We ride the Enduro for fun every year and the trail sections are comparable to what was on the hillsides at Fremont. Pretty decent trails that are fun to ride

with an occasional tight section and usually one decent size log crossing. The fields can seem long but they are nice to have to get a little rest in between sections.

If I remember right it use to have one mud hole but there were plenty of ways around it if you were paying attention

or you can blast down the center - WFO .... One small creek crossing usually thrown in.

I like the pic on 2r racing of a big 450 KTM blasting around the first corner but it doesn't show the sweet flat tracking move about 20' feet later when I pitched it

sideways trying to keep from going way out in the field :cry: !

And if they run us over the swinging bridge pay attention to the sign that says " one bike at a time" trust me on this.....


Yeah, I've been there as a spectator. That mud area is long and deep. Fun to watch but I'm not sure about going through it. the creek crossing has a pretty deep v inandout. Other than those it looked fun too. Do they run you throuh the motocross track in the Enduro? I may do the Byron dual sport on Saturday, not sure about Morrison yet.

Never ran through the MX track in the years I

have rode the Enduro .


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