DR Plastic?

Will DRZ400 plastic fit the DR650? I'd love to change my fenders and side plates to blue...

The fenders might swap, but the side covers aren't even close to the same.

The side plates and rear fender are no where close, the DRZ has the tail light under the fender and the frame support is different. I know you could get the side cover on the newer 650's in yellow('03,'02?). They also had the newer 650's with blue fenders but the side covers are white. I know the Canadian models came in black if that appeals to you. At any rate I had a side cover blow off once and had to replace it from the dealer. Insurance took care of it and I'm glad because $150.00 for the plastic, decal, rubber bumper,and heat sheld was nuts!

Watch E-bay and you might find a deal.

Better yet,why not just get a number plate adhesive back ground in blue that would cover 90% of the plate. They make them for the MX bikes and come in a few differant colors though I just did a quick check of dennis kirk's offerings and the universal number plate backgrounds only seem to come in black,white,and yellow. :excuseme:I'm sure somebody must make it in blue(?)

Also,UFO and Accerbis make nice headlamp housings in colors if you want to replace the white stocker.


Sorry about the confusion. When I said fenders might swap I was refering to the front fenders. If you are lucky enough, you can try and get the parts numbers for canadian or euro models that actually might have the parts you want in the colors you want. I found an old euro DR650 fender (2 piece) for my 1990 which was the one it should have had, but the US model got gyped. I also know that my version had lots of colors from black, white, blue and red. I even think yellow too. Maybe Anderson's Vintage Parts could help you. They have a lot of NOS (new old stock) and could possibly find what you need.

They also had the newer 650's with blue fenders but the side covers are white.

Do you know who would have the blue fenders and if they would fit a 2000 model?

All 96-05 models are 99% unchanged. All you have to do is find out which year had the color fender you are looking for, and order that color fender. Suzuki dealerships should have that information.

Yep,the only change has been the graphics since '96. Its all interchangeable.

The aftermarket hasn't caught on for DR650 plastics so Suzuki is about your only/best source. You can expect to pay top doller though as I have noted above about replacing the right side cover on my bike at a cost of $150.00.

It really shouldn't cost that much. :cry:


I remember buying side covers for my XT350 and they were about $22 each. Then my XR200's siade covers were about $52 and $35 depending on the side. Then I lost a panel on my 90 DR650 and it shocked the living hell out of me when I got the $90+tax bill. You know there isn't more than $3 worth of plastic in it too. :cry:

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