Supermoto kit for 04 WR 450

Hi there, first post in this forum. :cry: Anyone know a good place to get a motard kit for my 04 WR 450 Yammie? Its in Vancouver island BC. My wife cant reach the ground with the standard wheels n the knobs just suffer on the h,way.Thanks, :cry:

A lot of the Vancouver shops are pretty up on their supermotard stuff, and if you go through a Canadian shop, you don't have to pay expensive duties...

I went through Iain at Holeshot Racing, in Langley. 604-533-4426. He's very knowledgeable since he has had two different motards. He's a nice guy, but a bit of a savage on a bike (standing on the seat wheelies), he and knows what to tweak to really make it fun to ride.

A lot of the parts are the same for the different brands.

-Look to acerbis for a smaller front fender that doesn't get blown around on the highway.

-Ebc brakes makes an adapter/320mm rotor kit that you'll need (and its the cheap route). Since you can go much faster, you'll need to stop, and while you can use the stock front brake, you'll end up cooking it pretty quick. a stainless line is nice as well.

-you could put on a trail tech endurance computer for the speedo functions.

-the cheapest way to build up your wheels is to use the stock yamaha hubs, you should be able to find an used pair. order in some berringer spokes (super heavy duty) and some excel rims. for tires it seems that the outside edge of a 150 rear won't rub on your chain, you should be able to stuff a 160 in there though with a bit of chewing on the edge from your chain, but this can be lessened if you dish the wheel (offset it away from the chain).

finally, you'll probably want to change the gearing.

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