Ordering MCCT?

Anyone have the Machinest's mail (not email) address? I want to order his MCCT and can't do Paypal (tried too many times to activate account, no success, screw em) and will have to send a check. I left him an email but he must be away, haven't got a reply yet.


send him a PM,,he will get back to ya and I don't think no paypall is a biggie..good insurance and a quality product for a reasonable price :cry:

Bitech Machine & Tool Inc

55 Winges Rd #11

Woodbridge, Ont

L4L 6B5 TEL 905 850 7915

FAX 905 850 6880

Give him a day, he has been having some things going on that have taken him away from the computer. The wait is worth it :cry:

I had the same problem with "PAYPAL"! Kept telling me my zip code did not match my address...? Didnt want to wait so I ordered mine from APE @ Hayabusazone.

Should be here today.... :cry:

What is a MCCT?

What is a MCCT?

Manual cam chain tensioner.

What is a MCCT?

It's what you need to get so we can put it on your bike! Mine works sweet man! :cry:

Replaces the ACCT (figure that one out yourself) which could fail causing you to become much poorer.

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