Hey Girls!!!

I know ya'll probably get these posts all the time but I just to say HI to all of you!! I have not yet started riding but my b/f and I are in the process of shopping for a pair of bikes. I rode a bit when I was a tot so I am excited and feeling confident about starting this new sport. Right now I mostly wakeboard and mountain bike. I think it is frikkin cool that all you girls ride :cry:, I love to see active women in extreme sports!! I hope to make some female friends that share my interests and can help me along on my new journey (I just moved here so I am lacking in the girl friend area)!! I can't wait to catch up on all the posts :cry:!!

p.s. Anyone live in Tx? Specifically Austin?

Fill out your profile, and I bet you'll find some TT'ers to ride with in your area.

p.s. Anyone live in Tx? Specifically Austin?

I'm a Texas gal! But, we live Southwest of Houston.

Ok I filled out my profile....

Croaker, do you ever go to cycle ranch in San Antonio? I heard it was the best in TX.

My grandparents moved to Houston, TX.

I was looking online, and I CANNOT believe how much more of a house ya'll can buy for $100K. I wanna move!!!!

Welcome to TT...

See? What did I tell you. :cry:

I had a friend just move to Cali and she said the cost of living is almost twice what it is here. That's obsurd!!! Come live in Austin it's absolutely wonderful...the rest of TX sucks I think :cry:. Sorry texas people, I am a native dallas Texan but austin has shown me how much the rest of Texas is just blah :cry:!

Thanks Corey!! :cry:

A big welcome to you, DirtBall (LOVE that name).


I am not a lady however I do know quite a bit of ladies that ride here in the Central Texas area. You DEFINITELY need to check out Team Moto Diva! :cry:www.teammotodiva.com They are a great group of ladies that all get together and have ladies days which are days where you just ride and have a blast at different spots around texas once a month. There is actually a ladies day this coming saturday (October 23rd) and I will definitely be there. I am an "honorary diva." :cry:

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