long pull of the Quiksilver carb

I have herd of using xr600 cables and throttle assemblies for the 400 to shorten the long pull of the edelbrock carb. Has any one done this or herd about it? I just got the carb on and the long pull is my only complaint! Thanks for the help.

explain the long pull, i just put the quicksilver II on my bike yesterday and don't have anything that i would consider a long pull. :cry:

I ordered the Edelbrock for my XR4 and am awaiting its delivery. I also ordered the cable housing for the XR650 as recommended by the vendor - I believe to address this exact issue.

thanks for the post, but is the 650 "cable housing" on the carb or are you talking about the throttle assemnly on the handle bar. Do I also need to get the 650 cables as well?

thanks for the help!

Good question. I thought it was the throttle assembly, but on the order confirmation it indicates "XR400 Replacement Cables". I ordered from Barnums. Do a search on the web and/or give them a call.

thanks for the info...I'll give them a call

Changing cables won't change the throttle response. (Unless you have a lot of slack in your set up.)

Changing the geometry of the pullies at either end will though.


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