My Prediction for 05 Supercross season

Here is how I see this season... It will be much more physical than in previous years. Ricky and Travis will team up and try to bounce Reed and Bubba around. Lots of diving under and hard blocks. Reed and Bubba are both good at this game, and every night will be a war. Forget the red bikes, they will be battling for 4th and 5th after the carnage of the first 10 laps.

Watch for Pastrana. He is very fast and he is big--no longer a schoolboy just trying to have fun. He can run with these guys.

Here is the formula: The champ will have to come from the back some races and even off the ground on a few occasions. I think Bubba does that best. Reed is very agressive and very smooth. Ricky never gives up and cannot stand losing. Pastrana will be a spoiler here and there, but not consistant enough to finish in forth.

Here are my picks for the championship in order: Bubba, Reed, Ricky, LaRocco

I don't see Bubba not winning the series, but hopefully RC, Pastrana and Reed keep him honest with some good races. So with that said... Bubba, RC, Reed, Pastrana

My prediction: Travis gets his 10th concussion and rides around the track backwards half the time.

Heres mine

RC, Bubba, Reed, Windham, and Pastrana, watching from the sideline with dirt clods in his helemet lol.

My prediction: Travis gets his 10th concussion and rides around the track backwards half the time.

I thought these were supposed to be predictions, not facts.

Barring injury, Bubba will be 3rd, Reed 2nd and RC 1st. Pastrana will pile drive himself on the parade lap of the first race attempting a double backflip indian air.Bubba may win races but will have the same problems that all 125 riders have moving up to the big show, Reed will win races...RC will win more. Let's face it, without RC last year LaRocco won a race.

I honestly think it'll be the mean green machine next year. With Reed and RC oh so close.

Here are MY predictions. You can take these to the bank:

The season will start off with a bang. No, I mean a BANG! when a dormant Al Kaida terrorist cel in Los Angeles is activated and bombs the Yamaha factory semi at Anaheim 1. Nobody is killed, but Reed's legs are blown off and land in Jamie Little's convertable benz no less than 100 yards away. Reed is out! (and JL is nauseous)

Meanwhile, over at the Suzuki rig, nobody can figure out why RC's bike isn't starting. Everyone takes turns for several hours, trying feverishly to start the yellow monster, to no avail. Fortunately, a small boy who snuck into the pit area was able to point out that RC's mechanic had installed the kickstarter on the wrong side of the bike, (Eureka!) unfortunately this wasn't learned until after the main event started. RC is out too!

5 minutes to the main event and the Kawasaki rig hasn't even pulled in yet! Turns out that hauling all of bubba's extra BLING around the country has taken its toll on the factory hauler's big ol' diesel motor and team Kawasaki spends Anaheim 1 sitting on the side of the road somewhere in Pennsyltucky while the crew take turns jumping the highway guardrail on bubba's gold klx110. Bubba's out for A1.

Pastrana is out due to injuries sustained while participating in something called .. para-skeet-skating? whatever.

Windham almost shows up for the first race of the season.. but then chickens out.. but then he shows up because he hears about every one else's misfortunes.. but then he misses practice when he hides in his trailer for too long. It takes several psychiatrists, the entire Windham family, and local police almost an hour and a half to console Windham into racing, but only if he can wear a mask and somebody else's name on his jersey. &%$#@!? :cry:

Mike Larocco is found in violation of the production rule when it is learned he has replaced his old skeletal frame with 100% bionic titanium peices. Since this would allow him to go on winning races indefinitely (not to mention creating confusion around his nickname of "Iron Mike"), it was ruled a violation and Mike was arrested and then brutally beaten. Mike's out too!

That leaves us with Jeremy McGrath! The king of Supercross himself! The saviour of American MX! The guy who missed the race because he was in his dressing room admiring himself in a mirror surrounded by naked hookers! damn.

So who wins??

well at the last moment, Mike Alessi shows up with a ragged out 1993 YZ250 and smokes the whole 250 class like cheech and chong.

sorry, I had some free time here at the job. :cry:

supercross = reed - ricky - bubba. motocross = bubba - ricky - reed.

My prediction: Travis gets his 10th concussion and rides around the track backwards half the time.

,,,,All the time.

I love Travis, but the guy is an accident waiting to happen.

Here's to Travis proving me wrong and finishing the whole season in one piece. :cry: :cry:

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