Going to Durhamtown Plantation!!!!

This weekend, Friday through Sunday. Its my first time there, and I'm stoked!!!!! They are having a hare scramble on Sunday, might take stab at that too!

If anyone is going, look me up. Plain white XR400, in the company of a number of Honda Pilots {OHV, not SUV!}

Robert :cry:

The place rocks. And dont forget to try their barb'q sauce. I ended up putting it on everything. :cry:

I am trying to figure out how to plan a trip up there in the spring. Any information that anyone found out that would have been helpful before their first trip up there (sort of like a lessons learned)? On a budget, with a wife and 3 kids, which cabins give the most for the money?

get there when it is light out because it's a crazy back woods route the first time you try to get there. I'd hate to try to drive there at night time. Food is awesome and not badly priced. Grocery store is a little ways away, we stopped just before and picked up groceries. You'll have a blast :cry:

Take whatever spare parts you think you might need (e.g. Handlebars, grips, cables) in case you fall a lot (clay is hard). If your going to stay more that Friday-Sunday you need to take a grill and food (if your real nice to the DP staff they might invite you to dinner during the week if your there then). Don't be afraid to call (speak to Cathy on cabin rentals, Hubby Keith runs the pro shop, and Mike is the owner (everyone is great and they don't mind you asking silly questions). Watch out for that Sheree though she serves a mean "shot o shine". If you want to see pics from the S/SE TT gathering just dig thru the SE threads.

BTW, the Boars toungue comes out :cry:.

Don :cry:

Dude! you frenched that pig? Thats just wrong! :cry:


Scott or Bruce.. one of you gotta post the picture of Don and Mrs Piggie.

And if you guys stay in a cabin with a bunk bed.. Watch out for the non-existant step down. :cry: :cry:

The place RAWKS. I can recomend the Wolf's Den. The trails are good the food is very good and the people are great. Keith and Kathy are super as are the rest of the staff. Mike the owner is very cool and down to earth guy. I really don't have any negatives at all. Oh, yeah it's too far to go every weekend.

I guess if we're not gonna be able to pull off the ride before x-mas cause of FTR, we ought to start planning the spring TT ride there before the rainy season starts ???? :cry:

Whaaddya think ???

Don ?? Drew ?? Nick ?? Rich ??...

here ya go Nic - enjoy



On a budget, with the wife and three kids? Reserve the Hilton. It's a killer cabin (for a hunting camp). Large, full kitchen, next to the lodge, sleeps 8 easy. DT is a great place, you have to check it out. :cry:

Don, you were frenching the pig...

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