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Chaos in the turns

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I always find it interesting to see before and after shots snapped closely togther. Both instances are from the '78 Nebraska National. The first in the 125 class the second in the 250. How many riders can you name in any of these shots?



I took this first turn shot and then immediately ran to my left to position myself for the second shot in the 3rd turn. There was a little U section in between.



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Okay, in the 1st 125 shot I see:

1 Broc Glover

336 Jeff Ward

24 Danny LaPorte

In the first 250 shot I see:

20 Rich Eirstat (sp?)

27 Marty Tripes

18 Jimmy Ellis

2 Hannah

34 Rick Burgette

31 John Savitski

Also see Chuck Sun peeking inside the corner. That's about all I'm good for.

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All good answers. The rider in the first 125 shot, (right behind Ward #336) the one who is sideways is Magoo. Can you imagine being behind him in the pack coming in and seeing him pitch it 90 degrees. No wonder a few riders went down. 😢

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I must have missed this in the morning. Dam work gett'n in the way of TT. 😢

O.K. top to bottom, left to right.

Picture #1

Barnett, Ward, Magoo (cause you said so), Glover, Mosier, #32 Marty Moates?

Picture #2

Jeff Jennings Mid pack on the RH Suzi, 175 possibly Jeff Surwall (This must have been a qualifier I presume)

Picture #3

Don Kudalski on the Harley (yes that IS him), Chuck Sun, Rich Eierstedt, Tripes, Ellis, Weinert (baack row), Bell Behind Weinert (you can just see his Yam jersey), Hannah, Larry Wosik (#48 next to Weinert rt. side), Greg Theis (cause you told me), Perrie Karsmaker , Savitski.

Picture #4

Howerton on the ground?, Weinert, Hannah, Greg Thies, Eierstadt, Tripes, Ellis.

I think these and your Hannah pics today are some of the best yet.


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