Plastic Care

Hey Guy's,

In an effort to keep my plastic looking as close to new as possible; I applied automotive clear coat to everthing, fenders, side panels, etc. Unfortunately the clear coat just flaked off. Anyone else apply any kind of coating to keep their plastic looking good? Thanks.

Pledge..... :cry:

My plastic gets scratched more every ride. It also get alot of white lines and creases in it from laying it down all the time. Maybe it's just me but I don't worry so much about the cosmetics. I want my bike to look nice and all but I'm not so concerned about bent and scratched plastic.

Of course I am getting older and I pretty much don't care what anybody else thinks about me or my stuff.

If you really have to have nice plastic buy a new set and only put it on if hot chicks are going to be there.

If your gonna ride with the boys and play hard then put the old plastic on. :cry:

good advice. A bike with perfect plastic is a rider who can't ride. You gotta break a few eggs ....

good advice. A bike with perfect plastic is a rider who can't ride.

Or he "can" ride, and extremely well! :cry:

The cure for the white stress marks or lines is heat my friend. I use a small butane torch, holding it about 4 inches from the mark moving it in 2-3 inch circles untill the mark disapears. Be carefull not to bubble the plastic. Oh and it also works for smoothing out those featherd scrapes and scratches, but keep the heat moving.

Lots off armorall keeps the plastic nice and shinny, and helps to keep the mud and dirt from sticking.

Wagner 700/1000 watt heat gun for $30.00 at Lowes. you can point the heat gun an inch away without melting the plastic as long as you keep it moving. Removes white streaks in the plastic much better than a torch.

Also you can get a can of CDI Engine Detailer for your neighborhood Auto Zone. It makes your Engine and plastic shine like brand new after a bath.

Also use PAM spray coating (I like the Olive oil) under the front and rear fenders. It looks great and keeps mud from cakeing up underneath.

Bonzai :cry:

I had good luck tonight with a heat gun.... got rid of all the white marks in the plastic by heating up the plastic. Also minor scratches seemed to melt down too.....

Does anyone know of a plastic polish????

I have not had much luck with polishing th eplastic. If you just want it shiny, try some mop-n-glow floor wax. It works very well.

there is a product called plastic renew, but its a painstaking work with so so results

That's wild . The heat gun works great :cry: . Who thought of that one?

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