what to tell some one when they wan't to ride your bike

with all the ranting about quads latly I dicided to post this. About a mounth ago I was riding at my fav. local riding spot 3beach, a big a s s sand pit,. I had been railing the berms for about an hour and was siting under a shade tree drinking some water. Then up pulls a very lowd honda 250x, w/ half a head pipe for an exhaust system, a raptor, and a 400ex. They pull in and the one on the honda ear spliter imediatly asks were i,m from. "I live here in crossett" I say. "Good we don't like none locals coming to our riding spot we usaly run them off" he says. I didn't think much of his rude coment because they all stunk of licure a were probably drunk, and I was trying hard not to start a fight. I didn't think much of the fack that they had been drinking becaus a grope off drunk under age boys riden around on fourwealers is a pretty comon site around here. They start asking me the normal round of queshtions about my bike, how fast does it go, what size is it, can it walk a wealy, is it a two stroke it aint fast unless its a two stroke. As they are asking me these queshtions the one riden blue pulls out an almost finished bodel of vadka. Since I realy don't want to catch a charge when the game warden rolls up I diced to get as far away from this group of contributing to the delinquincy of charges as posible. as i'm working the decompresor on the wr geting the kicker into position the drunk on the raptor asks me if he could ride my bike. "I don't think that would be a good idea" I say. Why he asks. Because your drunk and you could't handel a bike like this" I say. "I could handel it I ride my dads harly" the boy on the 400ex says. I don't think so this bike would toss your drunk ass like a mad bull kid" I say. Then his buddy on the 250x chiems in w/ a realy intelegent respons "well what if we woup your ass and take it from you,. Rite now I'm realy hoping the wr starts on the second kick. It dose and I have just enof time to put my helmit back on and blast out. They take off after me on there quads so I let the kid on the raptor get rite behind me. Then i sit on the front of the seat shift my bike into 4th and pin it. since he wasn't wearing a helmit or gogels, what a supries, he got a face full of sand and couldn't continue the chase. The 400ex rider makes a sad atemt to keep up w/ the wr, but he got waxed. So what do yall tell some one when they want to ride your bike but can't handel it.

say it's over heated and if you start it it will blow up. and i would reccomend getting some friends out there to ride with. drunks on quads, that really isnt surprising. is it a place in the woods? or is it a riding park? cause if it was a riding park i would report them to the owner. cause one of them could crash and die while drunk and it would probably get closed!

I just tell strangers that I don't let strangers ride my stuff. On the other hand, if I have backup, I say sure, go ahead, and any damage you do to my bike will be equalled out with the dental work you'll need after I'm done with you! :cry:

This post made my brain hurt

F' you. :cry:

John, can I ride your bike?

Let em know that they break it, they buy it, and if they cant buy it, your gonna take it out on there ass with intrest :cry:.

"I'm sorry, it's nothing personal but I don't let anyone ride my bike. I hope you understand and respect why" That is what I would say.... Plain and simple. :cry:

It's questionable for me to let a friend ride my stuff, to let some random guy ride is out of the question. I would just laugh and ride off into the sunset.

I wouldn't let a random guy ride my bike. I would let my friends ride it though. They wouldn't be riding my DRZ though unless they knew how to ride but I have let my uncle ride it who has a TE410 and I don't care if he rides it then I have some friends that ride mostly quads and with one family I would let one of the people ride but the others would have to ride my XR as they don't know how to ride bikes.

I've found great friends by letting them ride my new bike.

But I don't usually let anyone ride my bike. Most of the time, a person can tell if the rider is good and responsible enough to ride your bike.

Back in 02, I let my friend in Dallas rode my new CRF450R. A week later he sold his YZ250F and bought the CRf450R. We've been friends ever since.

I then met two guys at another track (Nocona, Texas) and let them rode my bike. We became friends ever since.

I also declined a handful of kids asking to ride my bike.

But the most interesting person I let ride my 450 was this one girl.

She took it rode a few times on the track and did a tail-whip on my bike. I almost got a heart attack thinking that she might eat it.

I usually say "no...and F your mom too....and F your whole family" they usually get the idea. If they are friends, I hope they crash and break the things that I want replaced. That way, they pay for my new bars, plastic, graphics, etc

John, can I ride your bike?

Well,,, O.K.,, :cry:

Can I ride your WR brad :cry: next time bring ur street bike to njorvp, lol see how it flies.

you could of just said this to the guys who were drunk, sorry i just got it and i cant risk anyone messin somethin up'. keep a knife on you for extra protection, you never know, 10 of them could show up next time :cry:

You gonna beat up ten guy's with your knife,,,,,, you are one bad hombre.

(or it's a bunch of little kids) :cry: :cry:

Any one who rides a dirt bike while drinkin a bottle of vod does not respect any motorcycle let alone yours!,those kids sounded pretty dumb,but i guess three dumb drunk kids could still have done you some damage if they were 2crack you over the heed with thon vodka bottle,if you took a fall whilst riding in front o them?,i would have offered them a wee race to see if they were good enough to ride your bike,and while they were so busy beating you(in this pretend race you understand!)i would have made my exit and reported these guy`s if that is the way they like to treat folk :cry:

better then nothing! :cry:

better then nothing! :cry:

Yeah, you right St3ve, but at 10 to one I'd rather count on my Nike's. :cry:

John, can I ride your bike?

Well,,, O.K.,, :cry:

:cry: :cry: :cry:


You are a freak! You have over 1000 posts since July of 04!

Get a live! :cry:

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