Is a 93 XR650L OK for me?

First time poster, great board! A co-worker is selling his 93 XR650L. I am interesting in buying it, but I am 5'5" with a 31" inseam. I eventually want to supermoto it. However right away all I will be able to do is install a lowering link and a set of Avon gripsters (or something similar). I am worried that I'll have Issues getting my foot to touch ground. I used to have a 90 Suzuki DR650 a while back and could just barley have my foot on the ground (tip toe) and I realize that was a bike with a fairly low seat height. So I guess what I am saying is, Can I get it low enough with just a lowering link? Or am I really too short for this bike?

I am 5'9 200lbs and Animul Mutha throws me off lag a rag doll now and then. Just wait till you try to put your foot down on the downhill side of something. Once she is leaned even a few degrees she gets really heavy. The longer you try to hold it up the harder the [@#$%&*!] throws you down. I am doing supermotard with mine because I dont feel like buying another bike. I tried to sell it and nobody would give me even $2000 for it. So I am converting it, and I love driving it in Dallas Traffic, over sidewalks and medians, through cars, and down the side of the freeways when its really bad.

If I were you I would buy a more powerful true dirt bike than put a baja kit on it. But if it's your only bike. Go for it. Just remember that the [@#$%&*!] weighs alot and when you jump it with a lowering kit your going to bottom out.

I have had the bike on a diet since I bought it 3yrs ago and have shedded probably 40 lbs off since I purchased it.

Can I get it low enough with just a lowering link? Or am I really too short for this bike?

If you put a lowering link on, make sure you raise the fork tubes in the triple clamps to keep the same geometry and for helping keep the bike as low as possible.

No matter how tall you are you'll need to lean the bike and slide your a$$ over on the seat. I've never tried to keep the bike centered. It's too damn high, and that's the way I like it!

How much is he asking for it?

My old man is ~5'9" and his '87 XR600 was too tall for him. His '93 XR250 before that also was too tall. More of an inconvienience than a problem.

Its funny, I have my '95 600 and my feet are flat on the ground and knees bent just a hair. Of course I'm 6'4"... :cry:

I just got a chance to sit on it and ride it yesterday. It's odd, basicaly its not realy any higher than my old DR. On level ground I am on my tip toes (one leg) so with the lowering link I should be just fine on the street. he is going to sell it to me for $1400.

Well if you don't buy it let me know and if you do buy it try loosening the front clamps and sliding them down the orks...That should lower the front some and might help

I am only 5'8 and I put a lowering Link on mine its seems now with that and having the sag set properly and sliding the forks up an inch I can touch on both sides. Its the best $$ I spent on this bike other than the bash plate and having the suspension redon. :cry:

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