Who makes this skid plate? (pic.)

Who makes this skid plate?


Honda un-obtanium??

Besides, its not even really a skid plate. It is more like a roost protector for the engine.

But, if that is the look you want, get a Works Connection skid plate and modify it. It should be very easy to do.


I LOVE the look of his frame, its not like "chrome" polish looking it just looks shiny, every part of its,"SHINY"

GOTA have it :cry:

Made by a little company called HRC or HGA. And no, you, me or anyone else can't buy one. On the 450, that plate is probably so light it floats. I heard the same plate on RC's CR was made of stainless (or maybe something even heavier), to get the weight up to minimum and lower the CG.

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