Does 155/62 sound right?

Pulled my carb apart yesterday and found 155/62 setup for jets (I believe it was 62, maybe 65). Bike seems to run and start well. I have ridden the wheels off of it in the 1.5 years I have had it.


1. Snorkle removed

2. UNI

3. Header welds ground down some

4. WB Hot Tip (stock pipe) in place of stock baffle


1. Is there anything to be gained by going richer/leaner on the main or pilot?

2. Should I leave a good thing alone?

3. What is stock jetting?

I usually ride between 500-2500 ft., but plan on riding towards 8,000 feet soon. Should I lean it out for this ride?

Well what does your plug look like? IMO it doesn't sound that off of what it should be, just maybe a bit lean on the main, but you need to look at your plug. And MAYBE a bit fat on the pilot, but I don't think so.

And I would lean that setup out for 8k feet, that's pretty high up.

But then theres that old saying dont fix what ain't broke! :)

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