04 450 leaking coolant?

i have an 04 450 and it just started leaking out of the wheep hole on the water pump cover? is this a big deal to fix?

replace seal and shaft.

no big deal

i talked to a local dealer and they said tht thereis just an$3 "O" ring to replace is that it you think the shaft is necessary too? thanks for the info :cry:

It's a seal, not an O ring, and there is one to keep coolant in the water pump, another to keep oil in the engine. The seal usually wears a groove in the shaft that ends up preventing th enew seal from seating on it properly, so it often needs to be replaced as well.

To replace it, you will need to remove the right side engine cover, disassemble the w/pump drive gear and impeller from the shaft, and replace the two seals. Not really very tough work at all.

You should have a manual to provide you with the unfamiliar details, though. Get one if you don't.

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