17 " Wheel purchase problem!

I ordered wheels from Thumpertalk over a month ago for My XR650L. I was told they had the Hubs in stock and would have the wheels to me in 7-10 days. I havn't recieved them and they have had my money all along. I missed the last road race of the season and am going to miss some more track days. Can anybody point me to a solid builder that can do it without this backorder crap I am getting everywhere? :cry:

Having the same problem!

Ordered the wheels set tires and all...got the set wrong rear wheel hub....!!!! XR600 instead of XR650. Called said that gold hubs for the rear were not avalible so they sent a silver. It was supposed to be complete with the same tire so I could just mount it and ride, I was to ride it on the silver until the gold hubs came in......but noooooooo!

Had to break down and mount the other tire.....but then there is more!!!!

The rear tire is a 160/60-17 and is hitting the chain with very little room for offset to the brake side.....to make matters worse, three nipples had been crushed after being tightened too much and one was split!!!!! )&(^*&%^)*)*

I have missed the last two track days of the year and still waiting for the correct rear wheel.

I did not order from Thumper Talk but it sounds alot alike.


I broke down and ordered new Hubs from Honda. I am going to attempt to build the wheels myself. Wish me luck.

I don't understand why everyone uses Talons anyway. They're overpriced and very heavy. The stock Honda hubs are wayyyy strong enough and lighter and cheaper. Do people buy Talon for the bling?

I have a gold talon rear for a XR650R...its in the box--i bought two gold rears and then changed my mind and want silver! I found one silver---a guy that had changed his mind and gone gold...

SO now i have one gold either to sell for the $225 i payed or trade for a silver. Never been mounted, in the box.


I am looking for a silver front. Got one? Know of anyone with one? Talons are sold out in the USA for XR's--next shipment arrives in about 10 days but theres no guarentee there will be a silver front for me...

...and no its not a bling thing!



those are by far the two best 17" wheel places around...not to bash TT at all, but those two are pretty well fueling the SM world for wheels at the moment

anyone try rad hubs??? I have a set of off-road excel w/ rad hubs... they are billet, and greasable, oversized bearings too. however if your getting off-road like I have, I don't like the fact that they don't really seal out the water so good! I would ask them to make them with standard bearing as well, so you can use stock wheel spacers with them!!! check out www.radmfg.com when I ordered, they shipped the next day!!! you can also order factory direct, and their in utah, for all you west coasties!!! good luck :cry:

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