Front Brake

I have a question. I took of my front tire and put a Kendra on it for more dirt riding. (Everyone knows about the stock) And when I replaced it, the front brake did not respond as good as it did before. The braking time is much longer and it does not have quite the impact is use to have! Is this normal and it will return soon, or did I do something wrong putting on the tire?

Your front braking performance is reduced on the street when you're running knobbies. Those flexible, unsupported knobs that help you in the dirt hurt you on the street :cry:

Did you follow the correct procedure when reinstallin the front wheel?

1)With every thing assembled and all bolts/nuts loose, Pump the front forks up & down 4-5 times.

2) tighten the axle nut to about 14 ft/lbs.(very important to do this first)

3) pump the forks up & down again then tighten the pinch bolts to 13 ft/lbs

4) tighten the axle nut to 30 ft/lbs.

If you tighten the pinch bolts before you snug down the axle nut(step 2)you can wind up with slack between the hub and spacers allowing the wheel to move side to side a little on the axle. Leads to poor braking and some very interesting handling characteristics. Don't ask me how I know.

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