Installing jet kit

I just got my DynoJet kit and the instructions are a little less intuitive then I would like.

Has anyone written up something a little more detailed for install of a jet kit? I am sure I could do it, but I always like to have instructions to keep me honest.


It's pretty straight ahead if you've ever had the carb apart before. Dynojet has a pretty good tech support line. Give them a call if you have questions. There might be a step by step on www.KLXzone, but I'm not sure. Get it done! You'll love it.

If you get real stuck on the dynojet install, give me a holler. I'm just over the hill in Hayward.

Wrench on



Thanks for the reply. This will be the first time I have taken anything off this bike and I would just hate to screw anything up.

I will defiantly keep the computer on and ask for help if I get in trouble.


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