Showdown in the Dirt! Wheelie Contest

The Rules:

1.One gear wheelie, no shifting, the rider can pick which gear he wants to use.

2.10 attempts and that's it.

3.Broken rear fender automatically earns you a free set of used tires.

The participants:

Red Rider (malibu3) which is me, vs. 2 KTM 450EXC non-wheelie machines.

The prize:

Lunch and tons of glory!

When: October 23, 2004

Why: We don't really know! :cry:

Who is the TT fans rooting for the CRF250X, or the non-wheelie machine, KTM450EXC which is all talk as indicated by there website,

You decide and we will have pictures of the winner and loser!

In the end we will all be :cry: again.


Dude that is too funny... I don't even have to respond that is so pathetic...

You are going to loose so bad!

And you forgot to mention that there will be one CRF230F in the comp also. ha! You might beat him if you can balance.


not only are you going to loose you are going to get ran off the internet with your smack talk about ktmtalk...

it's going to get ugly around here... lol!

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