stripped drainplug..ugh

So yeah...someone must have overtorqued the begeezus out of the drain plug before me, as I was removing it today part of the mounting boss came off with it, so even if I did retap the threads...still not what i would consider durable and trustworthy to keep that bolt in. I am thinking JBweld the bolt and broken boss piece back up...anyone have any ideas for an alternate drain plug or means to remove the oil for subsequent changes? The rest of the case looks pretty thin since the drainplug has a raised area for more thread engagement. Maybe some kind of drain attached to the clutch cover..but I don't think it will drain all the wear materials out since it does not appear to be the lowest part of the engine. Would hate to relegate such a good runnignengine to parts duty.

call around, you should be able to find a machine shop or engine-repair place that can fix it for you. they'll probably weld it up tight then drill and tap a new whole. this happens ALOT, especially if your bike is green and the cases are made of cheddar cheese.

start with motorcycle shops. the accessory places in truckee and santa rosa were each able to hook me up to fix stripped-plugs/busted-cases.


Heli-coil and a short bolt. :cry:

Better to get it time-certed, they drill it tap it to a lrger size and the time cert is the same size as the original so you can still use stock drain plugs, call around to cycle shops to see where they do the work, too bad your not here in san diego cuz my mechanic does a good job with these!

What about an expanding rubber plug?

What about an expanding rubber plug?

Never speak again :cry:

Take it to any machine shop or even a good moto shop and they should be able to handle driling it clean and then using some type of insert to get you back to the stock threads....This is not an uncommon problem by any means :cry:

Heli-coil and a short bolt.

This is the solution I like best. I had a KTM 200 with two drain bolts, and one of them threaded into about three threads, and it was on the side of the case, not the bottom. Surely enough, without very much torque at all it stripped. I drilled it, tapped it, and put a helicoil in with a little bit of red locktite so that when I removed the drain bolt the helicoil stayed in the case. It worked well.

Will they have to split the cases to do this job..the drain plug is right next to the crankcase split...have heard nasty stories of cases warping when welded.

Never speak again

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

hey thanks for your copnstructive advice...not coutning "top"

I figured out a way to fix it. I built up the area around the piece that broke off. I am getting one of those steel drainplug that is self tapping. They make one that has a drainplug in its middle. I am going to set that in there. Kind of like a homeade insert.

Look above...... I didn't say it....... I just laughed at what he said....... :cry:

Well I drilled out the hole and retapped it for 1/2 by 20. I bought a drainplug that is that thread that has a hole through its center..with another in a sense...I made a steel insert for the case. I cannot fathom why this wouldn't hold up. Probably stronger than original.

well good luck with it buddy, i hope it works fine, let us know so if it works we will have another option to choose from, thats what alot of this sport is about, trial and error :cry:

I had a KTM 200 with two drain bolts... Surely enough, without very much torque at all it stripped.

Glad to know I'm not the only one who has done this. :cry: :cry: (Assuming that you are the culprit -- I was for my bike) It really didn't take much to strip it.

Update...retapped for a larger steel drainplug that has a hole drilled through it with another drainplug in the middle of that. Added JBweld to the threads, although it got plenty snug. JBwelded the area where the piece broke off and let cure for 24hrs..added oila nd went riding. Put 60 miles on it today with no leaks. I seriously like this better than stock since I now have steel on steel for a drainplug, no more worry of stripping threads. Why kawasaki uses such a small buildup of metal for a drainplug...and then has course threads I will NEVER understand.

This may not be the best way but it worked for me on a ATV I have. After taking my ATV in for service which included an oil change I found on the next oil change I performed myself the drain plug was stripped out. I took the ATV back to Kawasaki here in Las Vegas & they put an oversized drain plug in which then leaked like crazy. Back once more to Kawasaki & they told me there was nothing more they could do being the helicoil would not work because there was no room between the dain hole & the bottom of the crank. I had no time for the ATV to be torn down so I can up with some teflon tape & blue automotive silicone. It has been over 3 years and the plug seals well & holds tight.

like I said it may not be the best way but it has worked for me.


Does anyone know if that quick steel or quick Aluminum and an old allen key would work?

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