Factory Service Manual

Anybody know where to get a factory service manual for a good price?

Dealer quoted me $95.00, repairmanual.com lists it for $59.99. What price should I expect? Where is the best place to buy it? Is it worth it? Anyone have one for sale?

I bought my 2001 DRZ400s about a month ago with only 87 miles on it. It was in good shape but needed some basic maintenance. I have been to the dealer a couple of times to look at their service manual since I don't even have the owner's manual (on order). Needed that to find the second oil drain location and the torque specs.

There is a drain on the bottom of the frame (13 lb-ft), and the crankcase drain (15 lb-ft).

Oil filter housing is on the right side. The cover is held down by three acorn nuts.

1.9 quarts to fill.

Thanks, but I found that information when I used the dealer's service manual. I was asking if purchasing the service manual is worth it and, if so, how much should I expect to pay.

Ron Ayers has them for about $44. The Kawasaki site has one for about the same. If you go Kaw, you need the 'A' manual. Search this board for the posts about this (not from me or I'd just tell you).

I got the manual and can't see doing much stuff like valve adj w/o it. I think it easily worth the money.

If you have any specific questions, email or pm me and I'll answer them by looking up in my manual.

Go to Ebay and get a manual on CD. I got one for $16 after shipping. :cry: :cry:

Kawasaki sells them for $36.95 + shipping for the S, you need to order one for the klx400sr, also known as the klx400A

The E sells for $24.95 + shipping.

If anyone has trouble finding them, pm me and I'll walk you through it. Unfortuantly a person can't link directly to that page for some reason.

how different is the E from the S. i have the S manual (came with my E bike.) is it close enough for most stuff?

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