CRF 150 Shock spring fit a CR85 Expert shock ?

Does any one know if a 04 CRF 150 Shock spring fit a 04 CR85 Expert ? I called BBR and they said it wouldn't fit, but I think they were just trying to sell me one of there springs.

I have a stock spring from my CRF150 and a BRR heavier one and wanted to reuse one if possible.

Offered springs from BBR

Shock Spring CRF150F/CRF230F 12.5 kg (stock is 9.0 kg)(2003)

Shock Spring CR80/85 6.2 kg (stock is 5.2 kg)


Oh jeez, not a clue. Do you have the CR85 shock? The only way to find out is to either do it by looking, or just simply putting it on!! :cry:

the 150 spring is quite abit longer that the 80 so i don't the in so?


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