99 WR400 timing?

Help! I had a new topend put in, anyways, the guy from the shop calls and tells me the timing is way retarded and wants to know if I want to go to YZ timing. I go ahead and have him do it. I go to break it in and Bottom end is gone and I have lost 25mph off the topend. Middle is smooth. Does the sound right? Fyi, gearing is set to 15/36, all else is stock.

Go to the WR forum and ask there, you'll get plenty of people with good info.

The WR comes with the exhaust cam advanced one tooth on the timing chain compared to the YZF. To convert to YZF specs you just retard the exhaust cam one tooth. It's an easy hop up that most WR owners do. I did mine ('99 WR400) and the power hit harder and pulled stronger. The only downside is that it was a little easier to stall the motor at real low RPM situations.

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