ENGINES ONLY - XR120T Hot Rod trainer

I am thinking of buying a "turn-key," "ready to race," already complete, XR100 fom Engines Only. It will be used primarily for ice racing in this, my second season. (most fun Ive ever had on a bike in 25 years by the way)


Yes .. its expensive. Approximately $5000.

I am looking for opinions about this company's products and tuning expertise. Are they good? Is it worth it?

Also .. are there any similarly equiped, race-ready XR100s on the market that I should be considering as an alturnative? BBR?

How about a TTR125 as an alturmative? As reliable for constant thrashing?

Yes .. I could build my own, but I dont have the time or the patience. (so please dont tell me to build my own :cry:.)



But you still end up with the crappy tin foil frame toothpick forks and brakes that don't work.

If your going to spend that kind of money get a BBR or DMC conversion. Socal usually has complete conversion bikes (DMC) on his website for sale for less than that!

u said not to do this, but i strongly suggest building your own bike, u get a stronger sense for how things on the bike operate. plus u will have a betetr bike in the end. you can pick up a 96-new cr80 or 85 for around 1000 bux, i have an xr100 motor with all the wiring i will sale for 500 shipped, the BBR frame kit is 3000, and getting the suspension set up for you will be around another 500 (i think) this is what i would do if i had the money. but it is your money so spend it how u want. BUT you would have a MUCH better bike for the same money. :cry:

As far as franks motors, they are as good as anybody's and he has been doing them for a long time. My only squawk about his motors is that he uses flatside carbs, but if he can get them to work, then more power to him. Personlly I don't see 5 grand worth of work. I see a stocker $2000, rims, tires and a few other things $500 (maybe a little low), motor mods $1000 (high estimate), a shock $300, spring $75, which is about $3875 that means about $1125 for labor. I would charge about $600, so maybe it's not that bad. The one thing Frank knows is dirt track, so if you don't want to do it yourself, then I say Yes, it's a good deal. :cry:

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