ENGINES ONLY - XR120T Hot Rod trainer

I am thinking of buying a "turn-key," "ready to race," already complete, XR100 fom Engines Only. It will be used primarily for ice racing in this, my second season. (most fun Ive ever had on a bike in 25 years by the way)


Yes .. its expensive. Approximately $5000.

I am looking for opinions about this company's products and tuning expertise. Are they good? Is it worth it?

Also .. are there any similarly equiped, race-ready XR100s on the market that I should be considering as an alturnative? BBR?

How about a TTR125 as an alturmative? As reliable for constant thrashing?

Yes .. I could build my own, but I dont have the time or the patience. (so please dont tell me to build my own :cry:.)



But you still end up with the crappy tin foil frame toothpick forks and brakes that don't work.

If your going to spend that kind of money get a BBR or DMC conversion. Socal usually has complete conversion bikes (DMC) on his website for sale for less than that!

u said not to do this, but i strongly suggest building your own bike, u get a stronger sense for how things on the bike operate. plus u will have a betetr bike in the end. you can pick up a 96-new cr80 or 85 for around 1000 bux, i have an xr100 motor with all the wiring i will sale for 500 shipped, the BBR frame kit is 3000, and getting the suspension set up for you will be around another 500 (i think) this is what i would do if i had the money. but it is your money so spend it how u want. BUT you would have a MUCH better bike for the same money. :cry:

As far as franks motors, they are as good as anybody's and he has been doing them for a long time. My only squawk about his motors is that he uses flatside carbs, but if he can get them to work, then more power to him. Personlly I don't see 5 grand worth of work. I see a stocker $2000, rims, tires and a few other things $500 (maybe a little low), motor mods $1000 (high estimate), a shock $300, spring $75, which is about $3875 that means about $1125 for labor. I would charge about $600, so maybe it's not that bad. The one thing Frank knows is dirt track, so if you don't want to do it yourself, then I say Yes, it's a good deal. :cry:

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    • By Tanker01
      I have posted about this bike a few times already but I wanted to make one single post on all the modifications I am doing to it. I am attempting to do everything as cheap as possible without sacrificing preformance. Prices and links will be provided if possible. 
      DIY Rear suspension lift [1/4" steel plate]
      Filter screens removal 
      ATC 200x Carb [https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AVYXOZS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1]
      Airbox mods [not doing a pod, needs to be water resistant]
      Aftermarket CDI and Coil [https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HG0EDGY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1]
      DIY Frame cradle [available for purchase but I want to make my own]
      Misc Exhaust mods [none yet]
      Headlight [have one from an XR600R installed, not wired yet, need voltage regulator, have one that may work from XR600R]
      I have another post about my progress on the rear end lift but I am going to be updating on that on this post now. I am working on designing a new shorter main link to lift the rear end in the cheapest way possible. Carb, CDI and coil are all ordered and on their way. Pictures will be posted regularly as I check items off the list. 
      Some info on the bike. I traded a non-running incomplete parts XR600R for this bike and got it in a non-running condition. After some cleaning and adjusting I finally got it running. I grew up with one of these so I am excited to have one again. After some looking around online I have discovered there is a huge following of modifying and even racing this seemingly tame bike. Most of the parts I will be installing arent performance parts but simply replacements for the OEM parts that are now 28 years old and cheap and easy to replace. As I am currently in college most updates and work on the bike will be done on weekends. Any DIY parts I make will be run through FEA testing to validate strength and viability and have 3D models and engineering drawings available for anyone else to use to reproduce them [in college for mechanical engineering]. Most of the parts are simple but I like to practice good engineering. I also have a '85 XR600R that I will be working on at the same time as well as my '06 YZ250F race bike so if something goes wrong with either of the bigger bikes this project may be put on hold for a while. Nevertheless, I will continue to update anyone interested in this project and am open to any suggestions or advice from any of you thumper experts. 
    • By Alex Wren
      I got 2002 XR200R and I got ‘88 forks for it and they will not fit into the triple trees for they are too big. Do I need the triple trees off a ‘88 xr or is there something else going on with this.
      P.S. I’ve checked part numbers and everything is correct.
    • By Tanker01
      Wanting to buy a TK link for my '89 XR100R. I have looked on the internet high and low for a used one so I don't have to shell out a ton of cash for a new one. If someone could help me out or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. 
    • By Tanker01
      So I just picked up a 1989 XR100R in awesome shape. I plan to use this as my pitbike/parts getter. I have done some looking around at cool mods people do to these bikes and the aussie lift has come up multiple times. I fully understand how the lift is done but I haven't seen anyone say how long it lasts or if it breaks eventually. Obviously the longevity of the lift mostly depends on the quality of the welds, but are there any inherent risks that come with doing this to the bike? I honestly just think it makes it look better and I also plan to put the front headlight and plate from an XR600R on it as well as a tool bag and a few other things, so my main goal is to make it look like a baby 600. I have had these bikes before and I love how they ride and how reliable they are, I'm just worried the aussie lift may cause me issues in the future. I do not plan to put different shocks on the bike and will not max out the rear lift as to not make the bike super squirrley or twitchy. Any insight would be appreciated and if anyone has documented the process of how they did their lift I would love to take a look!
      (For those who do not know what an Aussie lift is: It is essentially relocating the bottom shock link mount slightly higher [most say no more than 11mm] so that the bike sits higher in the rear)
      I will post pics of my bike as soon as I get a chance for those who would like to see. 
    • By _RaStA_RoCkEt_
      Got myself a CA-Plated '90 XR100R, which is awesome. Used as my little slam-pig. Fantastic bike.
      ANYHOW; Just raised the front end with some 03' CR85R forks, which was a swap from the 80's disc-brake 19' KX80 forks I used to have on there. 
      (The KX front end wil lbe up for sale soon, btw)
      Just wanted to ask the best possible way to go about raising my rear suspension, and it seems like users have gone 3 ways;
      1) Cut some 7/8 or 3/4 steel plate into spacers and use a longer bolt in the linkage to extend the travel. (Easiest)
      See Link (1)
      2) 'Aussie Mod/Lift' the rear end by cutting and re-welding the linkage mounts higher on the bottom of the frame (Mid-Difficulty) (thank SoCalXR, et-al.)
      See Link (2)
      3) Modify an existing swinger from some other bike, or even a whole new frame (CR85R? / KLX110? / SX65?) to fit, and then running linkless. (thanks SettinTrendz, et-al.)
      See Link (3)
      What do you reckon the best REAR END SUSPENSION LIFT OPTION for a play-bike/Minimoto?
      I'm 145lbs, 6ft tall. (ya, string bean) and before these mods, was riding the bike pretty much as hard as I could. I want something that'll hold up to the abuses of a full size human railing on it off road at the OHV or in the city. 
      Thanks ya'll.