Thinking of trading in my 03 for an 05

I was thinking of trading in my 03 on an 05 is it worth the cash or should i just do suspension on my 03 and keep it another year scince i belive the 03 makes more power. :cry:

wait for the 06 :cry::cry::cry:

Is 06 getting the new frame for sure?

Do the 05's still carry oil in the front tube like the 03's? I actually like extra oil in my bike.


thata what i was thinking of waiting because the 03-05 ate pretty much the same bike.

The 05s have better forks - my 03 has Enzo.

The 05s massaged the power - my 03 has Jardine.

The 05s have titanium footpegs - big deal.

I'm keeping my 03.

Keep your 03...expect to see some possible radical changes for 06.

Get an 05 if you got the cash. I had an 03 and really like the changes on my 05. The forks are waaay better and I really like the motor. I can ride the bike longer and faster.

... I will be getting an 06 if they have the AL frame...

I'm going through the same problem right now, keep '03 or get '05??

Nobody knows for sure whether the '06 will have new the frame..

How much is the '03 worth now and how much will is be worth at the end of the year?

I keep hearing how much better the forks and engine are on the '05.....

I feel the 05 is way better there is a big difference between the two, I had an 03 and now the 05 and there are big changes! It may not look like it but trust me there is. I got $3,500 on trade for my 03 and paid $5869.00 for the new one. :cry: :cry: :cry:

I love the 05 forks, but I think the engine is tuned for scooter riders. I just swapped the cdi unit in it last night for an aftermarket one and it now feels like a 450 and not a scooter.

I dont ride with a skirt so I'm not worried about a fast bike blowing it up. :cry:.

I think it would definitely be a good move to get the '05, forget about yz250f_rider he's the only one who seems to think they're slow (and that includes all the factory Yamaha guys who used the '05 parts on their '04 race bikes). The forks are sweet, it handles a little better and the motor is super.

No doubt that we'll see Aluminum frames in the future for the Yamaha fourstroke line. I wouldn't bet the farm that the WR will get it for 06, sometimes the WR gets left out from all the upgrades that the YZF gets. I'm very curious to see how short and slow the 05's will be. I hear a lot of talk here how the 05's will be too mellow for you guys. I have a Ti4 waiting for my 05 to wake it up, even though I felt that I could ride technical sections with my 98,01,03 WRs better with WR timing because the power delivery was way smoother and more controlable than having the bike YZ timed. I truly believe that Yamaha engineers have looked at the success of the KTM line of fourstrokes with their ultra smooth power delivery and heading that direction. The 03 WR is a great bike, the 05's will be just as good if not better. You can count on the bike being less top heavy for sure even though the 05 will still be one of the tallest bikes you can buy at a seat height of 38.0"


factory Yamaha guys who used the '05 parts on their '04 race bikes

yeh as if there's only one year difference between what the factory provides to the pro's and what we get as schleps. dude you need to do better than that and put that skirt down you aint no scot. :cry:

How many of the 03 parts bolt on to the 05?


ohv rider ,

I was at hollister on friday ,where u there ?

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