Water pump seal

I'm getting radiator coolant in my tranny oil so I'm pretty sure I have to replace the water pump seals. Do you guys have anything that you think would help me out? I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing, I'm just going to rip her apart and take off the seal and put on the new ones. Do you think I can save my radiator coolant or is it already contaminated. I have engine ice to put in but I was wondering if I could keep the old stuff for the future. If anyone has step by step intructions then that would help me out greatly. Thanks.

I wouldnt try to save your coolant. Make sure you completely clean all the old gasket off and have a good clean and smooth sealing surface. Are you sure its not from when you wash the bike? Gone through any deep pudals lately?

Yea I'm sure because this isn't the first time the oil was like this. The first time I just thought it got a little too dirty, but it has continued to do it so I'm pretty sure it's the seal.

Does it look dirty or like milk?


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