WR250 or WR450???

Hey all, I am new to the forum and new to dirt biking too. I just purchased a new 2004 TT-R250 and I am very disappointed in its performance. Very little throttle repsonse!!! I only have put 25 miles on it and am not happy with it at all. So, I am talking with my dealer about trading in back in on an 05 WR450, but was wondering if that would be over kill? Should I go with the 250 instead? Any thoughts?

Tough question for anyone here to answer for you. How tall are you? How much do you weigh? What kind of riding will you be doing? Tight, slow trails, or more open, fast ones? How much of a power fiend are you?

Power has always been a high priority for me, so the answer was easy. The WR450 doesn't have too much power, but it does have a whole helluva lot of it.

I am 30 y/o 5'8" 180' w/o gear. I have been only riding street/sport bikes and am now moving off-road. Not much in to motocross. We have mostly been riding trails with some dirt roads thrown in to the mix here and there. The guys I ride with have the following: KTM525, KDX200 & WR426 so I definitely want to be able to keep up.

Bite the bullet and buy a 450! :cry: You will be happy you did! :cry:

Have you ridden your friend's 426 or 525? That's the easiest way to determine if you like the power. The 426 should have a bit less power, the 525 a little more, but it should give you a good idea. I suspect if you have been riding on the street that you are already accustomed to the idea of modulating the throttle, so the extra power shouldn't be that big of an issue.

Seat height on the WRs is a long way from the seat height of the TTR 250. I am 6'1" and wouldn't mind the bike being an inch or two lower.

Thanks for the response... I had already been leaning that way anyway, just wanted a few other opinions.

I have both. Alot depends on where you ride. It seems like the west coast guys like the 450 and the east coast like the 250.

When its tight single track I take my 250, its much lighter and less tiring to ride. When I want more speed and power I take my 450. The 450 is much heavier and a lot of the weight is up high. You have to be tall and strong to ride it well.

Both are good reliable bikes. Both need a little fooling with to run right.

From what I have read, the 05's have addressed a lot of the top heavy issues and they are also 1.2" lower at the seat than the 04's.

Hard for me to know what to do without actually getting to ride them before I buy. I wish dealers would let you test drive. I understand why they can't, still bites though.

Anyway, thanks for the comments.

both are great bikes. 250 or 450 comes down to one simple thing. Do you want to rev the bike and ride it more like a 2 smoke ( quick reving engine) or would you like to tractor along at lower revs and short shift more. That is the basic difference between the 2 since they weigh almost the same. :cry:

I don't think they weigh the same.

I never put both on the scale. The 250 seems much lighter.

My 250 goes through mud better than my 450. The 450 always seems to hang on a compression stroke and stall. The 250 dosn't it just keeps running.

But when the terrain opens up the 450 is much more fun.

I wish Yamaha would come out with 350 that would have the good traits that both bikes have. More power than the 250 and less weight than the 450.

Well, I've talked with my dealer and they are in the process of getting an 05 WR450F for me from Yamaha. Seems their delivery date (that has already past) has been pushed back. I will find out more tomorrow when the expect to get one in. Until then, I'm just weighing my options. Thanks for all the input guys!

Like I said they weigh almost the same. 16 lbs difference according to Yamaha 2005 spec sheets. :cry:

Have you ever ridden a 250?

my buddy has a 03 wr 250 and the percieved weight seems much different even though it only less than 20lbs. when set up correctly they have the ability to fly,in fact a wr 250 stomped the class i was in(vet B)at the last HS ,even the ktm 300 got beat by him.the bike is capable but your gonna have to spend some time and money,if thats not possible there is plenty of power in a stock 450. :cry:

Have you ever ridden a 250?

Yes I have! It still does not feel like a 250 2 smoke! yet they are almost the same weight. The WR250 feels a lot more like my WR450 then a CR250 2 smoke! :cry:

I have buddies that would get there 250's really flying with 302 kits and everything else.

Then the bike goes BOOM.

I kept my mods to a dull roar so I wouldn't have to walk back to the truck.

I have pretty much decided to go with the 450, if my dealer can get one. As of now, I am looking at a month to get it.

Oh well, I hope it's worth the wait. I'm sure it will be.

You wont regret that choice! :cry:

You wont regret the 450, but dont think that will make you keep up with your mates. Its the rider more than anything. The only time a less able rider will go quicker on a 450 is in nice smooth open stuff.

I kick 525 and 450's every weekend on my stock 03 WR250 in the bush and racing. Last weekend in opens out of 40 bikes I got second all day and bikes 1-5 were all 250's.

My theory is if your gunna rack up the kms gt the 450 for every thing else the 250 rips.

Okay, this is where I start getting confused/mixed up. I already made a mistake with the TTR250 and I don't want to make another. I know the WR250F and TT-R250 don't really compare to each other, but without having something else to compare the WR250F to, I am a bit reluctant to purchase it without being able to ride it. I know the 450 will have plenty of power, but will the 250? Like I said, I already made one mistake by going with a 250, I don't want to be right back where I am now, and loose any more money or still not be satisfied. I guess that really is the question... Which bike will meet/exceed my expectations? I know that cannot be answered here, but that is where I stand.

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