WR250 or WR450???

I have an 02 wr426 and I love it!!!!!!!!That thing can do anything if you can hang on to it is the question. Good luck with your decision but I love the power of my bike.My brother-in-law has a 03 wr 250 that I rode.Mx chics husbands bike.Lots of trick parts.fun to ride but is not like my 426. :cry: :cry: :cry:

FWIW, I see alot more guys going from a 250F to a 450F then I do the other way. The 250F liks to be revved, however riding in the mid to upper RPM's gets tiring after awhile.

I would get the 450. Since you are not happy with the TTR..... why risk it? :cry:

If your dealer is worth half his own weight in dog pile than he will let you test ride it before you deal out the cash. hit him up and if he wont help you out than keep pestering him and procrastinating till he does. Most dealers will happily let you fang one out just to get the deal and get you out of there hair. Hell its not as if your not gunna buy a bike off him. Print this out and go show him..

Okay, this is where I start getting confused/mixed up. I already made a mistake with the TTR250 and I don't want to make another. I know the WR250F and TT-R250 don't really compare to each other, but without having something else to compare the WR250F to, I am a bit reluctant to purchase it without being able to ride it. I know the 450 will have plenty of power, but will the 250? Like I said, I already made one mistake by going with a 250, I don't want to be right back where I am now, and loose any more money or still not be satisfied. I guess that really is the question... Which bike will meet/exceed my expectations? I know that cannot be answered here, but that is where I stand.

if you are worried the bike will not meet your expectations then you must buy the 450. If you buy the 250 and you do not like it then you will kick yourself. If you buy the 450 and yous till don;t liek it then at least you can say you bought the bad boy and are still bored.

Coming off a TTR250, if a WR450 bores you thn you have severe desinsitization problems... I have been riding my WR450 for almost a year now and tyhe thing is still a thrill ride.

the 450 definatly keeps the blood pumpin :cry:

thanks everyone... this is the reassurance I needed. I don't think I'll get board quickly on the 450, but I think I may on the 250. Oh well, I'll still hit the dealer up for a spin around the parking lot at least. thanks again for everyones input.

The 250 is turtle slow from the dealer.

To wake it up takes a bit of time in the garage and a ProMoto Billet baffle. The 450 likes the same basic mods.

Once this is done its a night and day difference.

Both are great bikes.

Get this, I was in a similar situation:

I had an XR250 and wanted (NEEDED) to upgrade. My choices were an XR400 and a WR426 (Red Sticker issues here in CA kept me from considering the 450). I stressed about this for months trying to decide. My XR250 was so FREAKIN underpowered that it was almost not fun to ride (probably like your TTR) and I was determined not to buy another underpowered bike. There were two things that made me decide to go with the WR426. They were:

1. A WR rider that I met mentioned that, although the XR400 would be fine for a while, I would probably outgrow it in a year and then I will be in the same position as I was with my XR250: stuck with an underpowered bike (NO THANKS!!!)

2. I rode my buddies XR400 up a hill climb and I felt it lag for power. Even this slight lag was enough to remind me of my XR250 (and how I felt when it lagged for power)and I was done with the XR400.

Long story short: I ended up buying an 01 426 even though I thought it might be way too much power (my rationale was that if I screwed up with the purchase I would rather screw up with too much power rather then not enough). As it turns out the bike is absolutley AWESOME. It is just as easy to ride as my XR250 but with MUCH more power. I would STRONGLY recommend that you buy the 450 instead of the 250. You will grow into the bike very quickly (it took me about 30 minutes on the dirt to acclimate to the new bike - they are easy to ride). I really belive if you buy the 250 you will want for more power in a couple of months (if not sooner) and will be once again stuck with an underpowered bike.


Hey all, I am new to the forum and new to dirt biking too. I just purchased a new 2004 TT-R250 and I am very disappointed in its performance. Very little throttle repsonse!!! I only have put 25 miles on it and am not happy with it at all. So, I am talking with my dealer about trading in back in on an 05 WR450, but was wondering if that would be over kill? Should I go with the 250 instead? Any thoughts?

Personally, if I had it to do over, I'd go with the 450. I'm 5'9'', 185lbs. and ride almost exclusively trails. The 250F is good, but the 450F is great!

Sounds exactly like my situation here... glad to hear you guys are happy with the 450. I have talked to the dealer again and the first one they get in from Yamaha is mine! Hopefully it won't be too much longer. I hope the reason for the delayed shipment from Yamaha has nothing to do with the bike itself. Does anyone know why they have delayed their shipments from the factory?

Go with the 450. The power is so manageable it's unreal. This is my second bike and the first was a cg125 (a street learner/commuter with 10hp). Having said that the first bike i ever rode was my mate's brand new crf450r and i didn't kill myself. The fact that you are concerned about having too much power is enough for me to recommend the 450. If you were a wild eyed 14 year old gung ho rookie i would say get the 250 and upgrade when you outgrow it. Leaving the stock exhaust baffle and throttle stop in as you get the hang of it isn't a bad idea.

Am I ever glad I found this place. This is my exact same dilema. I live in south eastern Ontario, just north of Lake Erie. I'm 34, 5'9", 160lbs. Most riding will be at the local MX track which has a lot of trail sections and holds hare scrambles almost every other weekend. I'm considering plating it for the road. I'd like to do some enduro's and hare scramble races. I also want to ride some trails with my kids (KX 80, PW50, that's their bikes not their names).

According to the Yamaha website, these bikes are almost identical in dimensions and only 16lbs difference. I would think that I should spend the extra $800 and learn to cope with the extra weight. If would be better to buy the 450 and hold back on the throttle than to buy the 250 and wish you had more.

Thanks for all the good replies, you guys helped me decide to go for the 450. :cry:


Mousemeat put it best when he said "the power is so manageable". It really, truly is.

Go with the 450 - it is better to have to grow a little as a rider(which you will do anyways no matter what bike you choose) then to regret your purchase 6 months from now (when you have outgrown the 250)

My WR250 wouldn't be much fun at an MX park.

Go with the 450.

The 250 is best in tight woods. Even though it is close to the 450 in weight is feels much lighter. It would get boring fast on a mx track. It just dosn't have enough power. The 450 is fun to ride on an MX track but don't try any triples or it will register on the seimic meter.

I had a '04 TTR 250 and, like you, was quickly bored. I got an '04 WR 250 and love it. It has lots more power than the TTR, no comparison (all free mods done, GYTR insert). WR suspension is another huge difference, makes the TTR feel crude. I will keep this bike another season and then will get a 450. I rode a '98 YZF 400 and loved the power and found it totally manageable. I'm not bored with my 250 since I ride a lot of tight single track in the woods, but I will most definitely step up to the big boy next time.

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one to make this mistake. Anyway, I am still waiting on the '05's to get in. I can't believe it is taking this long for them to ship from the factory. Honestly, does anyone know what is going on with that? I know there are serveral people on here that already have the '05's, how did your dealers get them so quickly?

Just wanted to updated everyone and say THANKS for all the info. I purchased the '05 WR450F about a month ago and have almost 200 miles on it. I absolutely love it!!! All I can say is "now this is what I am talking about!" This is what I was looking for. Thanks again everyone.

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