why should i buy the klx 300 over other bikes??

I am looking at the wr250f the crf250x and the klx300, im leaning to the wr250 beacuse its been around for a few years. It has alot of power , but i need a bike that is vary reliable for me and that can stack on many miles, so can u help me, if u think the crf of the klx is a more reliable bike,(or if another bike then one of these three is better pls tell me). I ride trials and do some small jumping, but i ride alot over the summer in our badlands, so please help me 5'10" 160 lbs. Thanks alot

Either the KLX or WR will be more reliable than the 250X. Right now the Hondas are plagued with valve issues. The WR and KLX have their issues as well, but until Honda steps up and takes care of their riders, I'd steer clear. As for whether the KLX or WR is better for you, I'd suggest looking at the other WR/KLX thread that's going on in the KLX forum right now. Good luck. They're both good bikes.

I have an 03 KLX. So far has been great. It should meet your requirements.

hmm. if you want to save money, and you don't mind spending some time and money fixing the suspension and carburetion on the klx, or if you're more or less of a beginner, or .. umm. actually, i can't imagine why you would want to buy a klx. i bought one as my first real bike cuz i wanted to be able to dual-sport it, so in california my options were limited. in s.dakota and many other places you can dualsport a 2-stroke (mine is currently plated there, about to switch reg to my new home in nevada).

i guess my question would be, why do you want to buy ANY of these bikes? for my taste, they are all underpowered. the yamaha seems like a good choice but they seem to be either loud or slow, no middle ground. i would buy a ktm 2-stroke. oh, wait, i did.

if you can get a decent deal on a used klx or yamaha, that would be worth considering. i wouldn't really buy either one of them new.


Jerks piss me off, its too bad I have to spend all day on the phone talking to some. Not you Velo, but:

hmm. if you want to save money, and you don't mind spending some time and money fixing the suspension and carburetion on the klx,

Bikes are my hobby and I spend money on them. So does everyone else and probably you too. I just saw a WR250F the other day and the guy had (just from a quick glance) new Kenda tires, FMF titanium exhaust, Vortex ignition, MX Tech suspension, etc.

I don't have anything against KTM's and maybe I'll own one, one day. But if your bike is perfect out the door, then maybe you're lucky you are light weight or maybe they are perfect for everyone and we should do away with all the others and just make orange bikes.


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