Buying it from the dealer...

I am planning on buying a brand spankin new xr50 off the showroom floor next week. I plan on buying one that has most of the adult upgrades. Any advice? '04/'05 doesn't matter right? What should I be looking for as far as upgrades if the bike is priced around $2,500? Am I flat out going to get ripped off buying it from the dealer?

Was at a Honda dealer last week, they had 05 CRF50s for $1290 otd. That would leave about $1210 for the upgrades from your $2500 price, depends on what upgrades you want to do and what the dealer offers you for that price.

I would just buy the bike from the dealer and then get online for the mod parts, much cheaper and more variety. there is also a lot of stuff you can do to it for free. look under the xr-crf 50-200 honda forum

Check it out; free mods and how to's for your 50:

If you are gonna mod one out y not by it used and cheaoer you could by a used stock one or a used one with some mods. If your gonna be moding the engine it dont matter anyway and it would be ceaper

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