Issues with going to 48MM springs??

Has anyone gone from the stock 46's to 48's (forks)? I'm looking to stiffen up the front end on my '99WR400. I would assume that the springs are the same dimensionally....just a stronger rating. I posted this under the "suspension" forum...thought I might have better luck here.

Thanks in advance for the input.

They will work fine, and it will stiffen up the front end. It's a great mod if you are a bigger guy.

Thanks Bluebomber!!

it depends on if you mean springs from 48 mm forks into 46mm forks or putting .48 spring rate in place of the .46 of the same fork size. because 48 mm fork springs will not fit in 46 mm tubes. but you can change the rate as long as the springs are for your size tubes. :cry:

The '99's do come with 46MM I guess I do need to be careful with the replacement springs. I'll check out RaceTech's website to ensure I go with the right springs.

Thanks for pointing this out.

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