Anyone got any word on aftermarket exhaust availabilty for the new fofiddys???I just called YOSH-no word-they aint got a 05 to find out if they got a exhaust. QUOTE-END QUOTE.

Sounds 2 me like they are hoping to shove 02-04 system in 05. :cry:

Dr D had 05 pipes in stock, just put mine on last night.

I'm thinking of the Dr. D pipe as well. Let us know what you think about it after your first couple of rides.

I talked to a guy at CHM yesterday, and he said that they have a new titainium loow boy "ovate system coming out for the 2005's and he said it gains 4 ponies on the bottom and like just a little more in the mid and 1 ponie on top.

sounds good to me!!

What's wrong with the stock pipe?

What's wrong with the stock pipe?

Thats what I was wondering!? I know I am still learning the two wheelers, but I can not imagine needing any more power than what my '05 has with a stock pipe. I guess some might actually be faster with the slight edge in power a pipe gives, some want a lighter unit, and I think some just want a louder exhaust that looks cool.

I can't hide anything-4 me it's all about the BLING BLING effect-thats why I am a b.a.b./broke arse beitch.

Hey Onealrep, how did you makeout with the Dr.D pipe. Did you notice any increase in lowend? Is it louder than stock and did you weigh both systems? Don't hold out on us, share the wealth.

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