How is this possible?????

With the new filter oils out there that are able to be washed out with water, earth friendly, and so on, is it truely possible that these work in wet conditions. My logic on this is simple. If a product is water soluble, how could it possibly block out water. I never really gave it any thought until we raced in a some pretty wet conditions. It had rained the night before and the track was just a mess. After the first moto, I pulled off the seat to look at the filter and it looked like it was shining, sort of like and oil and water mix. So I pulled the air cleaner out and inside the filter boot to the carb, I had a few small drops of what appeared to be water. I know for a fact they were not there when I put the filter in. I never had this problem with any of the other oils I have used. Just the water soluble one. Am I right in my predictions or am I missing something. Let me hear your thoughts and ideas.

It needs to be soapy water, not just water. It also needs to be a certain kind of soap, but I forget the term (I just use the NoToil soap). If you do a forum search back a bit on NoToil, you'll see the posts where people say which soap to buy at supermarket to save some money. -Mike- :cry:

Hot water and dishwashing soap work great (liquid soap).

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