my name is marco and i'm italian (excuse me for my english)!i'm new in this forum!i love motocross and i would find new friends to talk about of this sport!

i have a kawa kx 125 2004 e for the next season i will buy a kawa kxf 250 2005!

good bye

How'd your day go?

(O.K., I'm sorry, just funn'n ya.) :cry:

Froze my A$$ of trying to see if we are going to try and re,open the central sierra routes!!. Hwy,s 4,108,(my territory). Answer, NO!!. I love the high country and hate to see it closed each year but we surely need the water, + a early start for the ski & snowbile season, always a test this time of year to see, how far you can get on a bike!!!. :cry: :cry: :cry:

Hello Mar_Bal,

Welcome to TT. Hope your visits are enjoyable. :cry:

My wife is from Italy - Do you want her back? PLEASE :cry:

Welcome to thumper! Well lets start off on the right foot excuse me for my italian it sucks im :cry:. Next year in my opinion you should buy a YZ250F you wont be sorry! What part of the boot do you live/ride on?

welcome mar_bal!

thank you for your acceptance!!i live in the north-east of Italy near Venice!(i live near TEAM TISCALI MARTIN HONDA, the pichon's team)

for the next season i will buy the kxf because i like it very much!someone tell me to buy a yzf but i don't like the yamaha.....

now i writting into other section so we can start to speak of important things :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

ciao,cioa (bye,bye)

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