Stock 230 jetting up

Ive heard of people getting different needle and jets. Has anyone tried going bigger on the main (maybe 130) and just lowering the needle clip 1 notch. Ride mainly sea level to 2000', daughters bike dont really need much. Im Pulling out the exhaust baffle and will see if theres a snorkel to pull out of the airbox (never had the seat off). I figure with the exhaust and airbox uncorked it will need to be a little richer. Anyone tried this combo? Thanks Mike in Modesto.

You can do the kit without buying the new needle, but I do not know the combo.

However, if you loko at the stickey, the combo I posted will work perfectly. Having the needle tunes the bike in the mid better and is snappier. Not to mention the little extra oomf.

Lowering the clip one position, and removing the exhaust baffle only will run great. If you remove the airbox inlet the bike will run noticably lean.(with poorer performance) If you decide to keep the airbox inlet removed, you will need to install a larger main jet(132 seems to be the favorite) to make the bike run past about half throttle. The accessory needle available from Honda(PN 16012-KPS-921)will further aid in performance, but may not be noticable to many riders that are not sensitive to minor changes. I have personally tested both needles back to back and measured the tapers on both parts. The replacement needle is just a hair richer in the 3/4 throttle area. Again, many riders would not be able to detect any difference by the change. If you do decide to purchase the new needle, you DO NOT need to change the needle jet that comes with the new needle. It is the same as the one already in the carb. Again, You do not need to change it. All needles come with a new needle jet, and are only sold as an assembly. You can not purchase them separatley.

I'm not sure I agree with not changing the needle jet. The stock is different than the one that comes with the new needle. I took both of them and slid them onto the new needle and they were not the same. The new one was larger, thus allowing the needle to slide into it more than the stocker.

i run mine with just the jetting mods, as i couldnt obtain needle kit being in the uk,i am satisfied with the current performance and find its plenty enough for our muddy conditions, have just fitted uni filter and that makes a vast difference, think im there now with all mods so far

I think you need to measure them. Sliding the needle into the needle jet will not provide you with any dimensions. I have measured them both precisely in every dimension and they are identical. The needles are only slightly different where it matters, but visually very different. I can even provide you with the dimensions if you desire....

The farther the same needle protrudes through the jet, means that the jet must have a bigger diameter to allow it to protrude more.

How did you measure how far it stuck out?

Both needles will only protrude up to the the area of the needle where the clips are located. No further. Remember, this is how YOU removed your needle jet. If it protruded any farther, it would slide completely through. Won't happen if the parts are correct. Guaranteed.

The bushing for the needle will hit about midway up the needle (I'm looking at the stock set up right now) before it gets "stuck" in the bushing. When you pulled the bushing out of the carb, you had to remove the clip, otherwise it would never come out. The clip contacts the slide.

The "power-up" bushing has a larger inside diameter than the stocker. I never measured it, but it's pretty obvious when you look at it.

If your needle jet will only slide half way up your needle it is obvious that it is the wrong one, or is seriously damaged. When the carb is in the closed position, the needle is inserted into the needle jet to is largest diameter below the the clip area. If the needle jet gets tight at the half way portion as you state, your throttle slide would not be able to slide down to the idle, or closed position !! Please be careful of what you are doing ! If your slide is open when you start your bike, you could hurt yourself, or property and your bike......

Here's a photo of a stock needle and bushing from a CRF 150:


Notice how the bushing is on the needle about half way up (the bottom of the bushing). This is what I'm making reference to. I noticed that on the CRF 230 if you take the stock needle bushing and slide it on the "power up" needle it will make contact on the needle at a different spot than if you use the bushing that comes with the needle. Hence, there is a difference between the two bushings.

Note how the post refers to "Stock 230 jetting up". The stock 150 and 150 full power needle jets may be different. I have no reference for those parts. I can assure you that the same parts for the 230 ARE the same. Your 230 needle jets, both accessory and original will slide all the way up to near the clip section on the stock AND full power needle. If you do this same test to the 230 parts, and have the same results as in your photo, you have the wrong/mismatched parts. Your photo shows what I was referencing to in my reply: Your throttle will not return to the closed position, and could be dangerous if assembled in this manner.

Thanks for the info guys. Since I have a 130 Ill try installing that and lowering the clip one slot, open the airbox and exhaust and give it a try. Will post results. Thanks Mike in Modesto

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