'04 One year valve check update

I checked the valves on my '04 CRF250 today, a little over a year after I got it. Original valves, shims, everything. I have only ridden maybe twice a month, so probably 40-50 hrs. total is all.

left intake - .006"

right intake - .005" , both in spec

right exhaust - .011"

left exhaust - .011" , both in spec

I was happy to see it was so, because even though both my '02 and '03 CRF450's stayed in spec for a year, so many seemed to have unexplained problems on the 250 just like the 450. Maybe I'm just lucky? Don't know.

All I know is what I do, which was the same on all 3 bikes. After the first couple oil changes, I run Mobil 1 red cap in the engine and Honda HP Trans oil in the tranny. I change oils every three rides, oil filter every six. I change the air filter about every three rides also, but I do it by sight and how dirty it is getting. One thing I DON'T do is ever change my filter at the track. When I change mine I do it in a very clean garage, and I clean out the airboot immaculately before I re-install. I see guys changing filters at the track, with dust flying everywhere and I just cringe. Some of that is definitely going in and you can't stop it. Does this make a difference on valve recession? Don't know, but mine have held up for three full years on three different bikes.

On riding style, I wring the snot out of this little bike. I race Vet int., against mostly 450's, and I will rev it out until it doesn't make power at least once a lap. I don't think I'm abusive on it, but I don't baby it either. I use third gear everwhere I can for as long as I can.

This may mean nothing, but I just thought I'd give a 'what I've done' on a bike that has lasted very well and doesn't even need an adjustment a year later. Take it for what you will.

JESUS CHRIST....a year :cry:!!!! Man you are lucky, some guys have to make adjustments after about 5 hours. I had about 15 hours and the exauhst valves needed adjustment but that happens from break in some times...Now i have about 20 hours and the exhausts are starting to tighten again at a tight .010. It so weird becasue no ones have problems with the exhasuts only the intakes..my problem is the complete opposite :cry: I change my oil and oil filter every two rides and use Honda HP4 10w 40 and Bel Ray gear saver and change my ail filter every 2-3 rides and still problems!!..Well anway congratz on your valves..your a lucky fellow :cry:

MXaddict, you didn't mention how you broke your bike in. Hard from the get-go or babied through the first tank? I am strongly considering a CRF250X (only because of the green Calif. thing) but like many am a little weary about the valves. My '03 CRF450 has not had a single problem to date, starts on the second or third kick all the time.

So far I haven't heard of any problems with anybody's 2005 but its a bit early. And I know the CRF450X is coming in Feb-March but I never buy the first year out and 255 lbs dry is a little much! Ciao JP :cry: :cry: :cry:

Sorry, forgot to mention breakin...I warm them up idling in my driveway for about 5 minutes, then let them cool for an hour or so then do it again. When I get to the track for the first ride I let it warm up good then it's hammer down, definitely hard from the get go. I've had too many quality engine builders tell me it works over the years and my 20 or so bikes have proved it.

I've got about 70 on mine and the valves are still in spec. Completely siezed the engine, but my valves are good. I have a new engine underneath my old head and its still going strong. I put an hour meter on my bike and I'll be doing top ends every 50 hours from now on. :cry:

I've got 45 hours on my bike and valves are still in spec. Over the winter I'm going to rebuild it and put in some fresh valves for fun. I haven't have any problems with my 450 either. Theres close to 30 hard races on my bike and I can say without a doubt this is the best bike I've owned to date.

I got mine the past July, so I have not had mine a year yet but I have about 30 hours on it already. I have checked the valves twice and they are right on. The second check showed the same gaps as the first check, so no valve recession (yet?)!

I broke mine in hard and have used Honda oil (10W40 in the motor and 80W in the tranny) from the get go and change the oil every 3 rides.

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I bought my 04 in April so it's at about half a year. Probably have around 60 hours or more. Valves are perfect so far and no oil issues. This bike just rips and handles like no other. And to think, I almost bought a Yami! I couldn't be happier with my CRF and when the valves do need shimming, I'll shim them and keep loving it. With 6 months worth of riding, I actually expected to reshim at least once by now.

I honestly don't feel "lucky", I just take good care of the bike and ride it like a sane person. It isn't babied but I don't wring it out every gear.

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