4" Supertrapp parts?

I am looking to quiet down my 95XR600 which has a 4" Supertrapp competition model exhaust on it. I understand that E.A.R. components may do the trick. The current pipe has a open end and about 12 disks. If you have something that will make it quieter I would be willing to buy the parts from you. Thanks.

Holy crap man, I bet that sucker will break window's. I have a four inch trap and only have 8 discs in it, and I opened up the endcap. There was a considerable difference in volume with and without the endcap open, you may lose a very little performance on the top end by closing it but it will definitly be quieter. As far as I know, the more discs you have, the louder it will be, but I am not sure, experiment, they arent hard to remove. remember, if u ain't wreckin',u aint't ridin' GOOD LUCK

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