Bike Recommendations for new rider...

I'm an ex downhill mountain bike racer, with 3 sons who all want to be pro MX racers someday, so after hooking the boys up with bikes and gear, It's finally my turn. I'm 6'1" 235lbs and have been on BMX and MTB bikes (no motos)since I was 14. I am really partial to Honda's and have a budget of $4K. I was considering an 03 CRF450, but was wondering if a 2 stroke 250, or a CRF250 would be a better first bike. I'll be riding trails and also would like to give the local MX track a shot. What bike should I get? :cry:

I would say........ Sit back...... and start to read on this forum........ You will be suprised on what a guy can learn by just reading! :cry:

YZ250F or CRF250R. :cry:

If you decide to buy a four stroke, after you think you know what you want, go to that specific forum, read and learn. You might change your original choice after some research.

If you just ask what people think normally they are going to suggest whatever they ride with a dose of favortism. You sound like an intelligent individual, everything you need to know is here, just go find it.

Try doing a search on a subject before asking a repetative question (like I used to do). :cry:


have you ridden their bikes? if you have and didnt like it, go with a bike more suited for your needs...if they have a 450 and its too much, look at a 250f

I was considering an 03 CRF450,

Welcome to TT, Dave! I have an '03 CRF450 and love it. The power is real linear, so it generally won't surprise you (except in good ways of course). Especially for your size, the 450 will fit you better than a 250F.

A friend of mine about your size decided that after many years of riding streetbikes, he wanted to get into dirtbikes. He bought an '03 CRF450, and has done just fine learning to ride it. You might do some of the stuff in my footer (lower gearing, skid plate, EngineIce, etc.) to make the 450 work a little better on the mellow trails, but don't worry, it still rips on the MX tracks.

Roost and Fly!! :cry:

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