All Off Roaders should vote.....

This is a clip from someone that is concerned about a National Forest in PA that is targeted for closure of access to ORV's....

Need to keep these people out of office or there will be more to come, since the want to be first lady is a major funder of this act...

Read on.... Don't forget to vote... Live in NJ... Vote OUT all Dems, THEY led the charge to keep you out of the State Forests....

On the Allegheny National Forest, who finances the anitlogging lawsuits, the antiroad issues, and promotes Wilderness that limits public access to the forest? Who is it that causes the closing of sawmills, the loss of logging and oil production jobs, and the loss of millions of dollars per year to our schools and townships? Where does the money come from that finances the persons who make it their job to eliminate our jobs? It comes from a very few persons from great distances that know nothing of the Allegheny.

The Allegheny Defense Project (ADP) brought us Wildlaw. Wildlaw filed another extremist lawsuit against the Allegheny National Forest. They tout as their largest donors nine groups: Fred and Alice Stanback from NC, Mennen Environmental Foundation from San Francisco, CA, Curtis & Edith Munson Foundation from Jacksonville IL, Town Creek Foundation from Oxford MD, Merck Family Fund from Milton MA, Moriah Fund from Washington DC, Norcross Wildlife Foundation from New York NY, Patagonia, Inc. from Ventura CA, and The Environmental Support Center from Washington DC. Together in the last few years, this group has donated over $19.2 million to extremist causes that they think should govern the way you and I live. Most of their recipients and the causes they donate to can be found at <>.

Some of these groups directly fund our local group of antis. ADP has received funds from Patagonia ($3,000). Friends of Allegheny Wilderness (FAW) also received funds from Patagonia ($8,000). From 1999 to 2002 ADP received over $280,000 from various sources to promote their extremist views.

The Heinz Endowments have given the ADP $80,000. Theresa Heinz Kerry as head of the Heinz Endowments has received a lot of flak both nationally and locally for her choice of grantees. A way for grantors to hide or launder donations is to go through the Tides Foundation or Tides Center. The newest outpost of the Tides Center is in Pittsburgh at the urging of Theresa Heinz Kerry. It is the Tides Center of Western Pennsylvania. See: <>

As you see ADP and FAW mentioned in our newspapers, remember there are only a few very rich persons from very far away who are trying to eliminate the use of our natural resources and remove the public from our public lands.

Daniel A Reiff

Warren, Pa

I live in east Texas we have places no one cares if you ride. You have great traction in the tar sand around the spent oil wells. Great obstacles to jump and wheely over in discarded oil feild junk. but beware of what lay's in the Knee high grass it may cause some major damage. There has to be some middle ground.

:cry: :cry:

Exercise your rights......get off the couch and go vote! :cry: You don't get to complain if you don't participate in the process. IMHO :cry: :cry:

Everone should vote all the time. But we get busy and maybe even confused by the mud slinging and crap so many don't vote. I try to pick a few important issues and use thise as my guide with who to vote for. YOU DO COUNT so be heard and vote :cry: :cry: :cry:

Ya thats real nice of that Anti Family -Anti American Teressa Heienz aint it? People are so blind now days and will believe whatever you tell them . Well if you don't like what the democrats are planning on serving up, you can always cover the taste in ketchup made from heinz in mexico or canada. Kerry's telling everyone he's against jobs going over seas when his familys trillion $$$ company is the one who invented it! What a joke! He is definitly not about :cry: :usa:thats for sure :cry:

take it to the forum guys.

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