Between $3000-$3500 cash, you can get a really good bike in the 02-03 CRF450R.

westladog-appreciate the info-gotta a 02crf now-but gotta have a 05-trading in the 02 for 05-payoff is 2000.00 on 02,

trade diff is 3000.00, add back the payoff, and taxes, exhaust, protapers, triples, looking at 5900.00 to finance.

I'd recommend to KEEP your bike and save your money.

I'd recommend to KEEP your bike and save your money.

Me too....

Hey guys, really appreciate the advice-I should still b in love w/my 02, yosh trs full exhaust, magura clutch, pro-tapers,woodpecker graphics,fcr suspension,fresh top end,carbon fiber header gaurd. Pulls hard, pulls long, wish I was as fast as the bike. Guess I need 2 chill a while.

Guess I need 2 chill a while.

Believe me, your credit score is much more important than a new bike. Fixing it takes time.

My rule has always been to pay cash for toys. I have in the past used Yamaha's 0% deal while I sold my old bike (never trade it in, you'll lose your shirt!), but I always paid off ASAP. Too bad Honda doesn't offer a similar deal!

It's been tough at times to forgo the new steed and keep the old. Your credit & finances are much more important than a new bike IMHO.

I can usually keep myself in check if I thik about the situation for a while.

Lets say you finance the 05 for even 24 short months. Your new 05 will only be current for the next ten payments. After that, you'll be wanting the 06....

If soneone has the bucks to trade every year, do it! Things like this make life worthwhile. However, it is not worth getting into trouble for.

Too many folks are getting way out there with the factory finance plans. I talked to a 21 year old the other day who owes Kawasaki over 20k. I imagine he is going to be quite pissed when he goes to buy a house.

I really was doing o.k. about being r r r r r responsible, there, I said the r r r r word, I hate the r word!!! Last sunday I rode a hare scramble-1st 1 in 11 years, 2 old for that shi@! and while I was there rode a 05crf450-sweeeeet!

Still gonna take the advice and chill a while! Thanks 4 the help! Yall keepin me in check-lol-my wife loves all ya!!!

However, it is not worth getting into trouble for.

Not to mention my '03 450 can still kick my arse any day of the week!

If you can, join a credit union. They take such better care of their customers than banks, etc.

If you have any cards with a zero balence, close them. That is all considered available credit.

Work hard to pay off the 02, then get the new bike.

My mom is a loan officer at a credit union, and I love it. I just show up, sign my name, and leave with a check....but my score is a solid 739 :cry:.


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