A person on another message board sent a letter to Honda asking them why they are not supporting OHV organizations and land access battles like KTM

Here was the Honda response letter he got back.

Thank you for being a loyal Honda customer, and also, thank you for your concern about protecting our privilege of off-road riding. The folks at KTM are our valued industry colleagues, and are certainly to be commended for joining the Off-Road Business Association to help in protecting those privileges, as well.

Honda has taken a leadership role for more than two decades in protecting our off-road riding privileges as well as working to ensure access to existing off-road riding areas and development of new ones. Please take a few moments to look over some of the actions we've taken on behalf of the off-road riding community:

* More than 30 years ago Honda joined, and has provided major on-going support of the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC). This organization represents the motorcycle industry to all levels of government, and has provided the foundation for the industry's funding and support of numerous initiatives to protect our off-riding [sic]privileges, including...

The "Less Sound = More Ground" campaign from the mid-1970's

Hiring of Lobbyists to assist the industry in states where off-road riding areas are threatened.

Providing land-use workshops for public land managers (BLM, Forest Service, etc). Teaching them to ride, and providing instruction in trail maintenance and management of off-road riding activities so as to preserve the environment and ensure places to ride.

Coordinating the efforts of national and local riding clubs to assist in trail maintenance and political actions to protect off-road riding privileges

* Honda has long supported the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) as a corporate member and assists their work in preserving off-road riding privileges with education and political action activities.

* Honda has been a long-time supporter of the Blue Ribbon Coalition (BRC) in their efforts to bring together diverse groups of public land users to gain political strength with the "multiple-use" philosophy--the idea that our public lands can be enjoyed in many ways and that we should work together to ensure our access to them.

* Honda provided the initial funding and other resources necessary to establish the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council. This organization has worked for over ten years as a liaison between government agencies and the motorized off-road recreation community to promote responsible use of off-road vehicles and help ensure the continued availability of off-road recreation opportunities.

* Over the past 25 years, Honda has donated literally millions of dollars worth of off-road vehicles to government and private groups who have engaged in public lands management, riding area maintenance, fire suppression and search & rescue operations. All these activities go toward preserving our riding privileges and protecting public lands users and the environment.

* Honda owns and operates four "Rider Education Centers" around the country (Colton, CA; Dallas, TX; Atlanta, GA; and Troy, OH). These centers are part of the national network of training sites for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America (SVIA), for motorcycle and ATV riding training, respectively. The new MSF "Dirt Bike School" is taught at the Honda centers also.

Honda's Colton, CA, center has recently completed an important addition to its facilities--the "Environmental Learning Center". This trail system (about 1/4 mile long) takes you through four (?) distinct eco-systems, from the desert to the mountains and includes water crossings and all the natives plants and vegetation you'd encounter while riding in those areas. A student can practice the off-road riding techniques learned in the "Dirt Bike School" in a very realistic simulation of what would be encountered in "the real thing". Just as importantly, instructors can emphasize responsible use of off-road vehicles and caution against the damage to the environment when they are used irresponsibly. Additionally, there is signage from the "trail head", all along he [sic] trail system that is identical to what one would find while riding in a national forest or public lands area. This helps the realism of the experience, and also provides another tool to teach responsible use and caring for the environment.

* Most recently, Honda has joined with the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Park Service, The National Geographic Society, and others in American Frontiers: A Public Lands Journey. Honda is the sole vehicle provider for this landmark journey, which features ATVs, motorcycles, SUVs, and Honda Marine outboard motor-powered boats as the motorized transportation elements. Two groups of "trekkers"--one from the border of the U.S. and Canada, the other from the Mexican/U.S. border--will hike, horseback, raft, and use the vehicles noted above to make their way across public lands and meet in Salt Lake City on September 28. The purpose is to educate the U.S. public about the wonderful public lands adventures available to them, and to emphasize the responsible use of these precious resources.

Hopefully this has encouraged you about Honda's commitment to ensuring the health and continuation of off-road riding. There are many other industry colleagues who have done wonderful work and made significant contributions as well--and they should be recognized and commended. But I can assure you that Honda has always played a leadership role.


American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

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