setting race sag?

My race sag is at 95mm, my free sag is at 40mm. I want to set my race sag at 100mm and then recheck my free sag. So do I make the shock spring longer or shorter and how many turns and what direction do I adjust it? The manual states each turn of the adjuster nut is equal to 1.5mm but doesn't say which direction.


to increase sag lessen the preload.

So do I make the shock spring longer or shorter


how many turns and what direction do I adjust it

Don't know how many turns......wouldn't think it would take much for 5mm, but :cry:. As far as direction, the rings are like any other normally threaded nuts.......i.e. counter-clockwise will loosen, and increase spring length (decreasing pre-load).

Oh, and if you've never done it before, if you put the bike on a stand (weight off rear tire) it (the adjusting ring) should be pretty easy to turn once you loosen the lock (top) ring. Might even be able to turn it by hand (I can mine). Or you can do like I did the first time, and beat the hell out the ring with a punch over the course of several minutes because you were too stupid to realize that the weight of the bike on the rear tire was placing increased pressure on the spring, and in turn, the adjusting ring. :cry:

Sometimes I wonder how I find my way to work and back every day! :cry:

thank you sir, cause I'd have darn sure beat the heck out of it as well. Hopefully I'll get 5 minutes of peace tonight so I can go take my subframe apart

Loosen the spring about one to one and a half turns generally gives out the 5 mm your looking for.

After you do that you will have 100mm's rider sag and 45mm's "free" sag. which is not real good. You need to go about 2 sizes softer on spring rate.


Doc, what would you recommend as a maximum free sag for 100 mm race sag?

I like to see 25-35mm's free sag with 100mm's rider sag. I've went as low as 40mm's but less works better.


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