Utah areas - GPS coordinates

Hello Utah riders,

It's been years since I've ridden and I'm getting anxious to get back out again (okay, maybe next year when the snow melts). I'm aware of the areas in American Fork Canyon, Five Mile Pass, and Taylors Fork. But, I've seen mention of other places that sound fun. I'm not interested in riding any MX tracks, I just like riding trails, etc.

Does anyone have GPS coordinates (so I can use terraserver-usa.com) for any of the following places? Since I've not been there I'm not sure if they are MX tracks or trail riding, so tell me if I've mistakenly listed any MX tracks :cry:

Stansbury Front

Jordan River OHV


Spanish Fork

Cherry Creek

Ten Mile Wash

Diamond Fork Canyon

Hobble Creek


Thanks much,


P.S. If you know any other good places on the Wasatch Front please mention them as well.

Stansbury Front - I haven't done this one yet. There are numerous references on the internet. Over by Grantsville.

Jordan River OHV - MX track and where kids & adults take OHV & ATV safety classes. I don't have GPS coordinates, but it is find. 22nd North exit on I-215.

Goshen - ?

Spanish Fork - Which part?

Cherry Creek - Just west of the Sahara sand dunes.

Ten Mile Wash - Term often used to refer to Ten Mile Wash, White Wash sand dunes, and everything in that general area. Southeast of Green River Utah. White Wash 38 48' 3" N, 110 2' 20" W Ten Mile 38 44' 47" N, 109 57' 59" W

Diamond Fork Canyon - Between Spanish Fork canyon and Strawberry Ridge. 40 7' 10" N, 111 15' 31" W will put you at the junction of 5th Water and Center trail. There are many single track and double track trails in the general area.

Hobble Creek - I haven't done that yet, but I believe you can connect Hobble Creek with Diamond Fork.

Tibblefork - In American Fork Canyon. Trail head for both double track and single track (now under snow). 40 28' 58" N, 111 38' 43" W.

All of these waypoints are approximate. They are from my mapping software, not directly from my GPS.

Other great places:

San Rafael Swell - Mostly double track. A few single track, including the famous "5 Miles of Hell". Much of the swell is now closed, so be sure to find out what is open before you go. Black Dragon Wash is one of our family's favorites.

Caineville - A wonderland for ATVs and dirt bikes. Something for everyone - flat open space for the younger kids, small jumps, big jumps, huge jumps, little hills, medium hills, huge hills.

Paunsagaunt Plateau - Just west of Bryce Canyon. Gorgeous scenery. Casto Canyon is another family favorite.

Soapstone - Between the Mirror Lake highway and Wolf Creek Pass. Many jeep trails to choose from.

Lookout Pass - And Little Valley just to the west 40 7' 52" N, 112 35' 25" W. Kind of a mini 5 Mile Pass. A good place to go if 5 Mile is too crowded.

Paiute ATV trail - 200+ mile loop with 2000+ miles of spur trails.

And more... Aarapeen trail, Shoshonee trail, Freemont trail, Sand Hollow, Murdock Basin, Mt. Nebo (single track only), etc.

I forgot to mention Knolls and Delle - both our out west along I-80. Delle is great practice place for younger kids. Knolls has sand dunes, mud flats, and hills.

And of course Moab.

Here are some web links that might also be helpful:




check out the interactive map for trails in American Fork, Diamond Fork, and Mt. Nebo areas.


You have to pay to access all of the trail reports on this site.

Hobble Creek - Kirkman Trailhead

N 40 11.430, W 111 26.499

Cherry Creek - Large area - Starting point for some good single track

N 39 46.371, W 112 20.845

Stansbury: Northern Trailhead

N 40 35.505, W 112 34.376

Thanks to all of you for the replies. Now that there's snow on the mountains I'm ready to go riding! Oh well, I guess I can work on the bike in my garage until spring :cry:

No need to park your bike for good during the winter. Depending on the severity of the winter, you can usually ride year round in Utah if you're willing to drive at least a few hours. I've ridden Knolls and the Sand Dunes in December, January, and February. I've also experienced snow and ice at all those places.....it just depends.

You can drive further south to St. George area and pretty much ride year round, or sometimes even the Moab area can be ridden in Winter. I've done Ten Mile Wash in January before....there was ice in the wash which made it pretty interesting.

How about some suggestions for rides in the St. George area? I've had it with all of this snow! Going to St. George in 2 weeks and will probably just leave a bike there for winter. I've ridden just a few times in that area. Nothing in the last 5 years though.

there's plenty of places to ride in the winter in utah. We usually ride Moab/ten mile wash, cainsville by hanksville ,the san rafel swell and coral pink sand dunes by kanab in the winter months Just make sure to have good cold riding gear. The only place by st. george I know about Is sand hollow which is a pretty fun place.

I've ridden a few different times in St. George but don't know the area well enought to give many specifics. Sand Hollow is a new state park with access to the large sand dunes area right next to the new reservoir. It looks great....I rode there about 8 or 9 years ago before the reservoir was built.

I raced the Rhino Rally back in 2001 which was held just south of Hurricane (Warner Valley area).

I've also taken my kids riding just south of town. Go directly south on River Road (the road that runs north/south that all the factory outlet stores are on) until you cross the Virgin River. Continue south for a few more miles until you pass an Armory and then it just turns to open BLM land. There is a lot of open riding and the Arizona strip is just a few miles south of this area.

There used to be an MX track in this same area but it has been closed and now all the MX activity occurs in Mesquite. Seems like a shame to me that St. George no longer has their own track.

I'm sure there are a ton of other places but you would have to get in contact with a local.

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