holy crap yall this sucks!!!

Well it aint about my bike but this still sucks!! Well this morning was a normal morning and i was heading to school with my brother with me and out of no where this cop comes behind me and pulls me over and says i was doing 51 mph in a 25 mph school zone!! I was like holy crap dude... I am not sure i was doing that but that is 3 tickets in one... It is wreckles driving, speeding in a school zone, and speeding.. But since he was a pretty kewl cop he just got me for speeding.. Oh yea and i forgot to say that im only freaking 15!! Well he said taht he will tell the judge person that it wasnt that bad so i can keep my license but my insurance is gonna go up and my parents are pissed!!! well i thought yall could use an interesting story for today! :cry: But my dad hasnt made it home yet and he is the one im afraid to tell... Im gonna die tonight! :cry:

I don't know your dad, but I am a dad. If my son was open and honest about it, apologetic, admitted his mistake and sincerely offered to mend his ways, I'd only beat the piss out of him. I wouldn't beat the crap out of him, though. No way.

No, really, I'm just kidding. Do be open and honest. It's hard to be mad at a kid who is already being hard on himself. Good luck. Larry

You pay your own insurance, or does your dad do it?

When our boy got his first ticket, he not only had to pay for the ticket but the increase in the next insurance bill too.

That was a couple years ago, and he hasn't got anther one since. :cry:

So does that mean youre not going to be able to come over and ride this weekend?

Well the judge down here is pretty cool so you may be able to get youre way out of it. My brother got 3 tickets down there and never once went on his insurance. He had to pay two of the fines but thats not bad. Just ask him to put you on probation if he isnt already. Just hope you dont get your lisences sp* taken away because of that new law that we are under that says if you get one ticket you cant drive until youre 18! You may lose your hardship and not be able to drive until youre 16 but thats not to bad. :cry:

Well I hope it goes over good and you can still ride this weekend. But doesnt seem like it. At least you gave the school something to talk about all day. :cry: :cry:

Got my first 2 tickets at 14 (1979) on my 1976 Yamaha DT125.

Driving with no drivers license and no registration.

Dad was very understanding, but mom was upset !

I am sure if you are straight foreward with you dad he will be understanding!

Got my first 2 tickets at 14 (1979) on my 1976 Yamaha DT125.


My daughters '75 DT125. It started out red and silver with mirrors, speedo, rack, etc. and it ended up yellow.

You're lucky the officer could have made your life really miserable. I like XRMikes idea about the insurance.

Sometimes tickets slip under insurance companies radar. :cry: If you get in a accident & get on there radar they'll do a check with the DMV & find out you recently got a ticket. You need to stay off there radar for the next 3 years.

Don't blow it!! :cry:

Not sure if that new law Younggun mentioned may be a problem but ask the Judge for a CFD, Continuance for Dismisal. CFD is like a warning, but if you get another ticket withen a year you will be hit with them both and possibly a larger fine the second time. What time of the day was it. Was it close to the end of the school day and kids were around or was it pretty dead? That will have a big factor. What about tires. If the tires are bigger than the stock tires you will be traveling faster than the speedo shows.

And listen to the other fathers. My dad was real big on taking responsibilty for your actions. He was a Marine so it must of come for that. Being punished was pretty fun too. I moved about 1000 bricks from one side of the garage to the other, twice.

Good luck.

since i am finally ungrounded i can tell yall about it... well my mom went ot the judge down here while i was in school and the judge is awesome he took 200 dollars off the ticket so it was only 85 dollars ... I thought to my self i almost had ot pay a 285 dollar ticket holy crap!!! And he erased the ticket and i cant get a ticket for another 6 months and im ok.. so it all worked out and i get to keep my license!! :cry:

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