CRF50 jetting/altitude woes ?

I have a bone stock CRF50 that has always run like a snappy little tractor but suffered extremely poor performance at Gorman (5000 ? ft)last week. It was rediculously sluggish and only seemed to get up to about 2/3 revs. When I got back home (sea level) to examine it, it ran perfectly again.

The only culprit that comes to mind is the altitude change. But I have never noticed such a huge power loss at different elevations before with any of the bikes I have owned. Could the altitude play that much of a role with the performance of the little CRF? I don't want to rejet because most of the usage is 0-1000 ft elevation. Would an aftermarket exhaust system help?


That is a tough one. It could be that much of a difference, but from redondo to Gorman shouldn't need a jet change. I would just drop the clip 1 position. Most people with the new CRF's say this is a must-do straight from the factory. Shouldn't hurt it at sea level, either. A pipe is always a huge power gain, but I would maybe try a UNI pod filter and clip position first. Let me know what happpens. :cry:

Thanks, I'll those suggestions next time out.

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