17's rubing?

last sunday i was mounted the wheels that burend sent me, but after one quick ride in the frozen rain, i saw that my chain had rubed on the side of the 160/60R17. :cry:

Do I need to get some diffrent shims for the rear?

The front is a RM hub, after guting my speed-o pick up i was able to get the spacer on, is this ok :cry:

how loose is your chain?i ran that wheel on my bike with that tire.the chain wasnt any where even close.

you did fine on the front.if you want to get rid of the speedo drive just get the spacer identical to the other side.

Did you get the spacers in on the rear. If Burned built it, it won't rub! :cry: :cry:

that was with the 15/44 gearing, this weekend i should be able to put on the 15/41 and a new D.I.D. 110 link chain, so we will see what happens :cry:

That was the original chain so it probubly had alot of slop in it :cry:

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