I almost got a branch enema yesterday!

I was out riding here in So-Cal yesterday in the rain with a fellow TT'er and got into a interesting situation. :lol: We were climbing this slick, muddy, rutted, water running, rocky hill and I "thought" I was good enough to make it up. :cry: I had just helped a fellow TT'er get his bike up this path (after about 15 minutes of struggling and a nice pipe burn to my forearm) and now it was my turn. Started up and the bike got kicked to the left (which was about a 8 foot or so drop off to rocks, luckyfully the bike stayed on top) so I bailed off to the right. Well couldn't get my feet under me so my a*s went down first. Just happened to be the broken off remains of a branchy bush there and I missed a very nasty, intruding 1 1/2 inch wide, 3-4 inch long, anal wooden enema by about 2 inches. :cry: I am SOOOOOOO lucky. :lol: I have about a 5 inch by 5 inch multi colored bruise on my a*s right now and it hurts like all he*l to sit in my chair right but I am so happy. :cry: Could have been MUCH MUCH worse. Someone was looking out for me! :cry: :cry:

Any other close calls by you fellow TT-ers?

The guy that runs one of the yamaha shops here, told me about when he skewered himself with a branch in his nose.

sure makes you think, before you pin it. :cry:

Hmmm... when i was 14 yrs old, riding my 80' XL500, i went off a small jump the wrong way, pretty much laid the bike down flat on landing, and the clutch lever broke through my leather boot, and and scraped the top of my foot. When i did it i was too scared to take my boot off for a few minutes because it felt like the lever had impaled my foot, but luckily it only scraped the top, didn't break the skin, but left a scar :cry:

The clutch lever had the tip snapped off, that's why it was sharp enough to pierce the old leather.

On the same bike, i once als came off a jump, into a ditch to complete stop, and left a ding in the steel tank just above the seat from landing in the wrong way.... painful...

That sounds worse than a Fusilli Jerry! :cry:

It would have been bad to get it in the A$$, but just think how close it was to the family jewels!!!. :cry:

That was a funny episode. :cry: Branchsilli Josh is no bueno :cry: :cry:

Winter of 1977 I was riding my then brand new Yamah DT125 enduro bike at night, in the snow, on the frozen golf course with some friends. Alcohol was a major contributing factor. We were flying around the place like it was our very own riding park. I still can't believe we didn't get caught or chased.

At some point the throttle stuck WIDE OPEN while in 3rd gear. I was too scared, stupid, stoned or drunk to know what to do and just hung on for dear life. I thought I was going to make it when I saw the creek in front of me. Didn't have enough time to react so I just hung on super hard. The bike slammed into the creek, stopped dead. I compressed into the bike and stopped dead with it.

Every single fiber in my whole body hurt. I got the wind knocked out of me and it took me a while to catch my breath. When we finally got back to my friends house and looked at the bike the front wheel was bent so far back from the fork tubes bendin, it was hitting the pipe. In the rear center portion of the gas tank there was a big round dent where my crotch hit it.

My balls hurt for a month. :cry: :cry: :cry:

yep, been there done that. :cry:

That was a funny episode. :cry: Branchsilli Josh is no bueno :cry: :cry:

Yeh. Mine is an "OUT DOOR" only. :cry:

That was a funny episode. :cry: Branchsilli Josh is no bueno :cry: :cry:

Yeh. Mine is an "OUT DOOR" only. :cry:

Exit Only? :cry:

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