Lowering CRF250?

I am interested in buy my first performance 4-stroke and it's between the 250r and 250x. Anyways I am very short, I am only 15 so both are going to be way to big. Right now I have a 200 exc for sale which I just spent over$500 at FC for a revalve and had it lowered so I could touch the ground. When i get the 250 I don't realy want to have to spend another 500 to get it lowered so does anybody have any sugestions on how I should lower it?Thanks

Having the e start means you can ride a taller bike easier. Once it is started and rolling the height goes away, mostly! My friends gave me a step ladder for my X as a joke.

You will be out of luck if you do not want to spend more $ getting the bike to fit you.

My wife is 5'2 and 120 lbs. Factory Connection shortened the suspension by 1.5 inch..both ends and revalved it for her track riding profile.

The result is fantastic. I'm 5'5, and the darn thing handles awesome on the track! Don't worry about the 1.5 inch less in travel. You don't need it.

Now, my wife wants e-start. :cry:

I'm forced to try to trade it for an X now.

I'm telling you ....there is nothing better than riding a well-suspended motocross bike. :cry:

Don't like the exc?

Well, I do love it but i'm going back to MX and really wanted a four-stroke. The only reason I am kind having trouble deciding is cause all these valve problems. And it's an 02' so I was thinking of buying a new bike anyways. The KTM's are nice, have you heard anything about KTM's 250rfs?

Not till 06 for the public is what i heard....don't quote me on that..but that's the buzz. Small bore 4 strokes are not for me but if i had to get one i'd get a yz.I got a ride on a kx250f ,i didn't care for it.Now and then i ride with a few guys that work at a kawi/honda dealer and have talked to them about this stuff.

i had the same problem as you so i just shaved some seat foam and added extra sag

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