The Legend of Bob Hannah

I have been pulling together scans from '76 and '77 and it is revealed to me in my own pictures how amazing Bob Hannah was when he came on the scene. He was old compared to most of the up and coming riders at 19 but he put the old guard on notice in '76.

My first chance to see him ride in person and he is so fast in the whoops he is barely in control as he passes Stackable.


He then passes and pulls away from 2 National Champions.


Then he takes on Karsmakers who was still mighty fast in '76 and passes him for the lead but he can't quite pull away.


Karsmakers and Hannah are both dog tired at the finish and Pierre takes the win. I swear Hannah tried all he could to hold him off. It was still hard to fathom how this guy with so much fire inside came out of nowhere.


By the next season he was serving notice to the 250 Champ Tony D nothing was stopping him.


Here is a contrast in style and form on the same jump. Check out Tony D


Then Semics


You can say the other riders were pre-jumping to stay low if you want but Bob hit that jump full throttle and flew much higher and further than anyone and he did it all day long. He didn't just win he decimated everyone.


For most of '77, '78 and '79 this is what the pack saw of Hannah :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:


Hannah was AWESOME!!. He was my hero in the 70,s, of course so were Decoster,Mikola,Wienert,,Lackey,ect,ect,. It seems that very few today remember these great riders of the past??. Time has moved on, the young fast guys,(now), were'nt even born yet when these guys were the best?. things have progessed so much since then that I don't think modern riders apperciate what these guys did with the equipment and knowledge available in there day!!!. :cry:



These two pictures really capture the essence of Hannah. You can tell in the whoops he is riding over his head, yet still maintainting a small amount of control.

The second picture with the jump is a very dramatic illustration of how much harder he would hit stuff than anyone else (short of Magoo maybe). In comparison Tony D and Semics look like amateurs.


:cry: :cry: :cry:


I to was a huge fan of hannahs in the late 70s early 80s! check this site out has a video clip of bob riding for honda in 1983 he is just so fast for that time! :cry:

I never got to see Hannah ride in his hay day much less any of the others you have so graciously shared their pictures with us, thank you. All those guys were my heros and I would study their pictures for hours in the magazines and try to emulate that style when I road. Thanks again for the memories. :cry: :cry:

Thanks for the cool pics.

I used to design and fly Hang Gliders... I flew with Stackable in the mid '70s, and more recently, flew paragliders with "Hurricane Hannah." They are very talented pilots too!


I had read on Brad Lackey's web page a comment from someone that Stackable had passed away. Does anyone know if this is true?

That's news to me. RacerX just did an article on him recently.

I almost forgot the other view everyone had of Hannah. Lugging off the first place trophy.


Regarding Stackables well being:

I talked with him about a year ago. He was teaching Hang Gliding and Paragliding at Torry Pines Flight Park in So Cal.


I don't know Chief, that picture doesn't really look like Bob. :cry:

To me it looks like Danny LaPorte, look at his muscles. Hannah was as wirey as an alley cat. Doesn't really look like a mustache. :cry:

I had read on Brad Lackey's web page a comment from someone that Stackable had passed away. Does anyone know if this is true?

Are you sure you're not confusing him with Rich Thorwaldson? He was killed recently...

My memory is a little fuzzy but in 1979 Hannah came to the Atlanta round of the 250/500 Nationals with a cast on his wrist. I don't remember how he injured it, I just remember the buzz at the track that morning was that Keith McCarty had hacked off the cast just before the race. I don't know if that part is true but I do remember that it was really taped up. It was there that Hannah, who was already my favorite rider, became a legend in my mind. Hannah rode two inspired moto's (battling with Kent Howerton the whole way) with his hand flopping around on the bar. There was one part of the track in particular that I can still visualize to this day. There was a series of about 7 or 8 small jumps, too big to be whoops, almost what we now know as a small rhythm section. Most of the riders were doing just that and trying to rhythm-jump their way through there. Not Hannah, he hit that section pinned and skipped through it(seemingly out of control) lap after lap. I think his main goal that day was to protect his points lead in the 250cc chase...not only did he do that but he won that day as well.

I remember taking the picture and it was Bob, although I'll admit he doesn't look normal. I had to zoom in to see why. You can check the results from the July 3rd 1977 125 National, St. Joseph, MO. Here is a higher resolution scan. Hey, it was the '70s everyone had a mustache at some point. Even if it was a whisp.


I read this about a year ago on and I wondered about it ever since. I searched until I found it again. It must not be true because I searched on Google for Steve Stackable and there is a listing for him as a hang glide trainer in La Jolla.


How are you? I grew up in Clayton, CA. and followed your career over the years. I was wondering if you had any photos of you on one of your CZ’s with the peace dove on the handlebars? You were the guy all the kids on the neighborhood copied with peace signs on our helmets… if only we could have ridden as well. I was curious about the following: Is Jim Weinert still involved in Motocross? How did Steve Stackable die? What happened to Dick Mann and is there anyway to contribute to him? Thank you for all the great years of racing. You are a true champion!

Tim Carlson


Thanks for the good words. Peace dove photos are very hard to come by, I’ll try to get one. Jim Weinert runs the family wreaking junk yard upstate NY. He was doing vintage a couple of years ago. Have not heard anything about the death of Steve Stackable, hope it’s not true. Dick Mann was operated on for throat cancer, but he’s at the races each week doing well. To help Dick, you can purchase a Dick Mann t-shirt off my website. All the proceeds from the Dick Mann t-shirts go to Dick Mann. Thanks for the support,

B. Lackey

Dam Chief, ya got me again. Must be his arms are all pumped up from the moto's. Man does he ever look young in that picture. He was incredible. There's always going to be another Ricky, Chad, Jeremy, Damon, ect,,,,,

There's never gonna be another Hannah. :cry:

There was a New England rider named Jo Jo Keller. Hannah and he trained together for a bit. Jo Jo was fast for a big guy. He was built like a offensive lineman. To see a guy that went probably 240 or 250lbs. out there going that fast on those older bikes was something to see. He always wore this old cotton purple jersey that used to ride up over the the innertube around his mid-section. In the pits, BOB and Jo-Jo were hanging out looking at some photos someone had taken. One was of Jo-Jo with his customary attire, the purple jersey riding up over his big beer gut, and his fatback love handles being aired out while running somewhere in the top ten in the pro class. BOB said, "For God's sake Jo-Jo, get a jersey that'll cover your big gut." :cry:

Hannah was/is a character.

Last I heard, Jo-Jo was working on a fishing boat in New England waters.

This is the very first picture I ever took of Hannah. This came from practice for the 500 National in St. Peters in '76. He always did a lot of attitude corrections in the air and he was hitting the jumps harder than most even during practice.


What memories this bring's back, Hannah became my new favorite rider when he burst on the scene full time in 76,( Lackey & DeCoster ) I was set to drive too Lexington,OH 125 U.S.G.P. in 1977 to see him race in person but got dinged up racing a district 11 MX and did not go, I've regretted it to this day, I believe Gaston Rahier from Belgium won that day, anyway it was 10 yrs later when I first saw Hannah race in person at 1987 MX des Nation's - Unadilla,NY let's just say it was his day, at least I got to see the man ride once, I was 27 then and remember it like yesterday, pure adrenaline rush, people left with a smile that day. RC vs Hannah! that's another subject :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I was there at Unadilla that muddy day as well. When Hannah got stuck in the middle of that long up hill on a 125 I figured he was done for the day. It was unbelievable to see him come back and win his class. Did you notice Pomeroy was there at the finish to congratulate Bob!

I have some color shots of that race somewhere in my photo boxes I will get around to digitizing eventually.

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