x oil leak, please please please give advice

Raced a harescrable sunday, came home put the bike away dirty,, went out while ago and there is a huge puddle of oil on the sprocket side of the bike,, it was wet from the front sprocket down to the skid plate and toward the engine.

washed the bike and cant see any leaks, checked the oil levels and they are fine????????/ now let me tell ya this, at the race i noticed my front sprocket bolt/washer was gone, so u found a bolt washer that fit and put it in to race?? could this have done something? the only visiable thing i can see is the top nipple that holds the screw that holds the chain shield ( half moon thing) is broke off witht the screw still inside, but i dont see how this would casue oil leak??? please please help

When I had my 2001 XR650R, my countershaft seal(behind the front sprocket) blew out a couple times. I had to get an updated part from Honda and it never has happend again. I havent heard about this issue yet on the 250x.

I'm sure it's leaking from the countershaft seal. Pull the front sprocket off and check out the collar on the shaft, behind it is also an o-ring.

You may need a new seal.

When I change mine I change everything (collar, seal, o-ring).

Well took it to my buddy who is a mech. and it looks like i cracked the case!!!!! the post that holds the chain case saver at the end has a big crack on the bottom ;(

Get the JB or Marinetex out. I just replaced that sidecase on mine and it isn't a cheap job.

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